Gynecomastia Affects Up to 70 Percent of Men, Man Boobs Lab Announces

Men have a variety of options for treating this humiliating condition, reports

According to Florida Hospital, 70 percent of men ages 50 and older may suffer from gynecomastia or enlargement of the breasts. Although this problem is quite common, men find it to be very embarrassing, especially when their chest jiggles as they run or jump. Man Boobs Lab ( was created to assist men suffering from this problem, by offering advice on various methods of eliminating this issue.

"Men suffering from enlarged breasts often refuse to remove their shirt around others. Some hide in their homes as they are so humiliated by the size of their breasts. Gynecomastia affects one's self-confidence and self-esteem, yet men don't have to live with this condition. With the help of exercise and/or various products offered on the market today, men can reduce the size of their breasts once and for all," Derek Silverman, spokesperson for Man Boobs Lab, explains.

Ultimate Gynemax offers one solution to male breasts. This product contains natural ingredients such as cayenne and green tea extracts and has been shown to effectively and efficiently burn the chest fat responsible for enlarged breasts in males. Within a few short weeks, users find their breasts decrease significantly in size.

"Men interested in learning more about this product should check out the Ultimate Gynemax review found at Man Boobs Lab. This review explains what makes the product so effective for many. It directly addresses the fatty deposits found in the male chest and results are seen within only a few days. In addition, this product helps those who have weight issues because it also works to control one's appetite," Silverman continues.

Gynexin offers an alternative to Ultimate Gynemax for those who find that product does not meet their needs. This product must only be taken twice a day and contains green tea extract along with caffeine and products made obtained from natural sources. Harmful chemical effects are never an issue and the cost is very reasonable, especially when compared to the expense of liposuction and breast reduction. Best of all, it easily fits into any man's regular routine. Read the entire Gynexin review at Man Boobs

"Be sure to check out Ultimate Gynemax, Gynexin and more when searching for a solution to this problem. Man Boobs Lab works to assist those struggling with this condition and provides information about these products, exercises to reduce the size of man breasts and more. Don't suffer in silence any longer. This problem is extremely common and help is available for those who know where to look. Man Boobs Lab is this place," Silverman proclaims.

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Man Boobs Lab understands the embarrassment men feel when they have large breasts. The site strives to help men in this situation eliminate this problem once and for all, offering information about products designed to eliminate this condition along with natural ways to reduce the size of the breasts. Visitors find they have the material they need to solve their problem for good when they choose to make use of Man Boobs Lab.

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