GymJunkies Launches New LIne of Blogs Targeting Resolutioners Looking To Get In Shape

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While it's no surprise the number one New Year's resolution for individuals ringing in the new year this year was to lose weight, it may come as a bit of a shock that rounding out the top five was the lofty goal of staying Fit and healthy. According to Terry Asher, spokesperson for, an online fitness blog, for many this means going from skinny to muscular in 2015.

Says Asher, "Most people think of getting in shape to mean losing weight, but for an increasing number of men and women, the actual goal is to put on muscle to their body frames, usually through a more effective workout routine. With that in mind, we are launching a new line of blog entries on our site targeted at those who want to get in shape and build muscle this year."

The fitness blogs site Gym Junkies, according to Asher, is perfect for both men and women who aim to improve their physiques and build body mass. Says Asher, "To achieve that level of definition and muscular size, you’ve got to be training your whole body, intensely. Routines, that emphasize either only your biceps or legs, for example, will not cut it. Instead, it's important to focus on large compound movements involving multiple joints and muscle groups as a way to increase productivity in your workouts."

In addition to offering workout tips, the blog offers nutrition advice to those who are unsure how to bulk up effectively. Asher elaborates, saying, "We also all make excuses from time to time when we make poor eating choices that don’t fuel activity in our bodies or brains. You’ll never hear me tell you that you have to eat perfect all the time. Instead, our site shares a few key points to help dieters and those looking to bulk up win some healthy eating battles, learning how to eat healthier without having to go completely crazy, tracking every single thing you eat. It is possible to have cheat meals and still reach your weight goals. Buying all organic, farm raised and premier quality foods does cost more money, an unfortunate fact of life. However, when you offset the cost of high-quality food by the health impact of processed and artificial alternatives, your priorities may shift."

With articles on building muscle, weight loss, motivation and a host of other topics, the site is sure to be a go-to resource, says Asher. "Whether you're looking for articles on how to lose fat for the advanced trainee or how to build muscle fast, we've got something for everyone."

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