Guy Archbold Pushes The Green Energy Revolution Through DCIM Software At Rackwise Inc.

Guy Archbold is CEO of Rackwise Data Centers, and is an industry leader in the green revolution, taking his enterprise level datacenters onto the Green Grid.

Guy Archbold became CEO of Rackwise Inc in September 2011. With 30 years in finance, investment and merchant banking, venture capital and portfolio management, it may have seemed an usually hands on choice. However, his final passion became his most all-consuming, in alternative green energy. In taking over the strategic future of the datacenters, he aimed to bring it in line with green energy initiatives. Founder of a NASDAQ green energy management company in 2001, he would bring this experience to bear on behalf of Rackwise, which is part of the Green Grid for providing efficient and sustainable technology solutions to business, federal institutions and more.

Under his leadership, the company has continually been recognized for innovation and ethical practices, spotlighted in the CIO outlook 2014 and listed CRN Data Center List 100. Guy Archbold now hopes to progress the green revolution even further, with Rackwise DCIM software comprising central, scalable platform architecture that enables optimization, consolidation, efficiency, and cost reduction in data center management.

It is clear that Mr. Archbold’s spearheading of this initiative is close to his heart, and he is keen to establish that the green revolution is not only vital to the survival of the environment for future generations, but in fact has real and immediate benefits for businesses to lower their bottom line and help them maximize profits.

Guy Archbold himself explained the role of software in making companies more energy efficient, "having the proper software supported by the right infrastructure is essential so that data center managers and IT professionals can effectively plan and manage data centers and computing ecosystems to assure the highest levels of reliability, discover hidden capacity, and enable efficiencies to continually optimize IT operations and costs.”

About Guy Archbold: Guy Archbold serves as CEO of Rackwise Inc after a long and successful career in finance and green energy development. Mr. Archbold arranges board meetings, helps with board development, and assists the CFO in advancing the overall corporate vision and mission for Rackwise, Inc. Mr. Archbold has a BA from California State University, has many course credits in management at the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, and Princeton University.

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