Gummy Bear Implants Not A Candy, But A Safe Long-lasting Implant

The Gummy Bear implant is generating a lot of attention, it is not a colorful candy but a long-lasting type of silicon implant.

Beverly Hill plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Stanton said the "Gummy Bear" name is because of "cohesion" factor in these implants.

"Cohesion simply means how well the silicon molecules stick together. The molecules in a regular silicon implant stick together very well. But in the Gummy Bear implant, the body is much firmer. This means the implants last longer than the regular silicon implants," he said. "They are tough, but soft, just like the Gummy Bear candy.

The Gummy Bear implants are more expensive than regular silicon, but the durability is something many people want.

"Other surgeons are testing these implants in lab settings. They take the regular implant and slice it open. They slice a Gummy Bear open. The implants are observed. Since the Gummy Bear was approved in 2012 and tests began, that implant has shown almost no change over the years," Dr. Stanton said. "This means these implants are less likely to leak and are safer."

Another reason the Gummy Bear is preferred in breast implants is less ripple effect. The implants look more natural because they do not cause the wave-like ripples on the skin.

The implants are also firm without being hard.

"I highly recommend these implants to my patients, They can be shaped to fit a body and size," Dr. Stanton said. "The longevity is another reason I prefer them. Over the years you have the implants, the Gummy Bears will actually cost less because you can leave them in longer."

The Gummy Bear implant is especially recommended for replacement implants because of the durability and the lack of rippling. Dr Stanton said the breast skin is often thinner when a second implant is placed. That means any rippling effect, which is most common in saline implants, is even more visible.

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ABOUT DR. STANTON - Dr. Ryan Stanton is a fully credentialed board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon focusing on cosmetic plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, California. Before starting his Beverly Hills practice, Dr. Stanton gained a wealth of experience in aesthetic plastic surgery practicing in Miami, Florida. Dr. Stanton did his initial training in both general surgery, and then plastic surgery for a total of six years before completing a cosmetic plastic surgery fellowship in Miami, FL.

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