Guitar in a Nutshell™ Releases Innovative Software To Help People Learn How to Play Guitar

New software from Guitar in a Nutshell™ promises customisable features and powerful tools to aid those learning guitar basics in accelerating their learning curve.

Learning guitar is something that almost all people will attempt at some point, though many don’t stick at it enough to gain real skills. This is often through bad teaching, lack of motivation or simply distraction however Guitar in a Nutshell™ can overcome all of these obstacles thanks to their innovative, interactive guitar tutoring software.

Guitar in a Nutshell™ has released a custom designed software that makes it much easier to learn guitar for students who are struggling when at the early stages of their learning curve. Students can create their own backing tracks to practice with so they can get a feel for how melodies sit in a wider song, and even input the chords to songs they want to learn and determine the tempo of the chords, allowing them to slow down the progressions to a manageable pace to learn at.

The website features a demonstration video that shows the features available and the product in action, so that potential customers can see immediately how they stand to benefit from implementing this approach to their learning. The site also offers guitar lessons using the software so that learners can be guided in how to improve their technique quickly and easily with the aid of its features.

A spokesperson for Guitar in a Nutshell™ explained, “The work in developing this software was undertaken purely with guitar students in mind, and learners of all levels were consultant as to what features they felt were most beneficial to them when learning the guitar. The developer has spent thousands of hours as a guitar teacher and understand intimately the needs of students as well as the rewards that motivate them- spending hours on technique is inevitable, but without a finished product that feels like an achievement, most will fall by the wayside- our software ensures that learners feel satisfied with their progress by mixing challenge with reward, much like a computer game. Anyone wondering how to play the guitar will find what they’re looking for from us.”

About Guitar in a Nutshell™:
Guitar in a Nutshell™ is a specialized method for learning guitar. It’s perfect for beginners or anyone who’s been having trouble ‘putting it all together’, and is designed around a streamlined, to the point approach that has been popular with students around the world who have watched the site’s many online tutorial videos. The site has now launched a software designed to aid students in their learning.

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