‘Guard Dog’ Mauls It’s Competition

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Seeming like a true underdog story, the team of millennials celebrated the jaw dropping event.

According to PetMD, over 1,500 pets die daily from accidental ingestion of chemical-based pet care products. Spotlighting shocking new statistics like this has fueled the exponential rise of the organic pet care industry, which has quadrupled in recent years, and is now a $23 billion dollar industry. It seems consumers are seeking out a healthier alternative for their pets, moving away from traditional pet products and zeroing in on organic, locally sourced, and safer alternatives. With so many new brands moving into the organic pet care space, it is often difficult to make an impact on consumers, especially when the brand first launches.

However, a pair of young millennial entrepreneurs recently left the industry scratching their heads after their new organic pet care brand ‘Guard Dog Pro’ skyrocketed to success within days of its launch. Starting with just two products; an organic flea and tick spray and a calming spray, the brand sold over 10,000 units within days. The trailblazing success even caught the eye of the editors at People Magazine, recommending the product for pet owners.

Last week, ‘Guard Dog’ became the newest brand to offer organic pet care to consumers, and despite being available exclusively online, the products instantly found success among consumers. According to the duo behind the brand, there was no money spent on marketing or advertising leading up to the launch of the products, a spokesperson for the company told us, “This is not the first company either of the founders have started. The two of them both have years of experience scaling other companies. The two decided to join together for the venture after sharing similar stories of pets accidentally dying from ingesting chemical-based pet care products.” When asked why they wanted to venture into such a cut-throat market, one of the founders said, “I mean I dabble in a lot of things, like I enjoy trading stocks, and although I did well with stocks like Gamestop and AMC, in the long term the organic pet care industry definitely seems like a better bet.”

The pair seemed to have figured out how to get customers eager for the launch. Prior to launching ‘Guard Dog’ the team assembled a long list of product testers, “We figured it would be the best way to get new customers without doing any upfront marketing. We had about 20 people test out the products and surprisingly many more contacted us to test them as well, we ended up with about 150 people testing them”, said one of the co-founders. The strategy seemed to pay off once the products launched, selling out all available within a few days, the entrepreneur added, “We sold all 10,000 units, but luckily we had more packaging arriving a few days later. We never thought it would be so successful, but we were blessed with overwhelming support.”

Only releasing two items to start with, an organic flea and tick spray and an organic calming spray, the number of sales was truly astonishing. Alex Sauceda who heads grooming at Petco told us, “These products are really game-changing, I got to test them and recommended them to everyone I know, I’m surprised it took so long for something like ‘Guard Dog’ to hit the market! Not only are they proven to work, but the price is actually affordable”. Another review by a customer stated, “As a vet assistant we try to deter our clients from using harmful chemical products. The ingredients in this are not only safe and recommended by our lead vet as a safe alternative but they actually work. My retriever is always outside and this stuff I can tell you works wonders. Definitely recommend!”

Although the brand is new to the market it seems like they have found a supportive customer base. And, given the success of the products in such a short time, it seems like ‘Guard Dog’ might be sticking around for a while.

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