GSP Rush Fit Report Sheds Light On New Exercise Regime From MMA Fighter George St Pierre

Detailed review site launched to give in depth analysis of the latest fitness programs for discerning fitness consumer with the new routine by George St Pierre one of the first to be reviewed.

Fitness is an increasingly important aspect of popular culture, not least because of Hollywood and popular sports. One in particular has captured the public imagination, with the rise of Mixed Martial Arts has come a rise in the old school machismo of the working man, who now looks to role models like George St Pierre as their ideal body image over the likes of Brad Pitt. The fighter has recently released a DVD set with his trainer designed to help people get into shape as never before, and reviews whether the product is really what it promises.

The review takes the form of a detailed introduction including some of the background context and inspiration for the creation of the workouts, before describing the content and features of the workouts themselves and their advantages over competing DVD sets. The review also looks into what additional content is provided, including nutrition and training guide, step by step preparation and training calendars according to fitness level.

The site also gets down to business with an extensive discussion of the results users can realistically expect from their engagement in the program. It is no surprise that they are eager to set expectations in a world obsessed with instant reward, but it promises the results are nevertheless both dramatic and achievable in the context of the program.

A spokesperson for the explained, “It’s easy to see that an MMA fighter with a body like George St Pierre could sell DVDs, but it’s clear from our analysis this is more than a mere endorsement. GSP wasn’t born with a six pack, he had to earn it, and this product takes budding fighters or simply fitness enthusiasts through the same process he had to go through to get fighting fit. We give people a detailed view of what to expect from the program and who it is best suited to, so consumers can make the right choice on whether it’s the regime for them.”

About GSP Rush Fit Investigation: GSP Rush Fit Investigation is a new website dedicated to male fitness and muscle building. It features helpful articles, tips for success and reviews of popular products to help consumers choose the right fitness programs for their needs, centering on the exercise DVD set created by George St Pierre and trainer Erik Owings.

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