Grows Pounds of Organic Mushrooms & Microgreens at the Touch of a Button with The Nirvana Cabinet from Shroom Sage

Live on Indiegogo, The Nirvana Cabinet grows fresh, organic mushrooms, microgreens & herbs at the push of a button.

The Nirvana Cabinet, the revolutionary new indoor growing solution capable of growing pounds of organic mushrooms, microgreens, & herbs, right at home, is live on global platform Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life. 

It is no secret that mushrooms are one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Long used in traditional Eastern medicine for years— mushroom varieties such as lion’s mane, oyster varieties, shiitake, cordyceps, and reishi have all been lauded for their numerous health benefits alongside their traditional taste. Shroom Sage has introduced The Nirvana Cabinet to make growing and enjoying these delicious fungi easier and more accessible than ever.

“As a frustrated indoor gardener I sought to bring a fully automated solution that I could use in my own home to effortless produce high-quality, organic mushrooms, microgreens and herbs. Not only that but as someone who has mainly lived in big city, downtown environments I felt like I was missing out on the connection I used to have to nature,” says Inventor, Founder and CEO Mike Rolsch on the inspiration behind the project. “So I decided that I would bring a slice of the forest into my home so I could breathe easy and feel that connection to nature every day.”

The Nirvana Cabinet is a patent-pending design that not only provides the optimal conditions to help aspiring gardeners grow their own organic produce, but it also uses a combination of high-quality HEPA air filters and natural elements to improve the air quality of your home, so you breathe easy. The cabinet offers a sleek, modern design and a smart app with which users can control everything from temperature, humidity and lighting all with the touch of a button. It includes a built-in automatic water filtration system and UV sanitation system to help effortless grow organic mushrooms, microgreens, herbs, tropical plants and more. 

In addition, Shroom Sage makes the process even easier by offering ready-to-grow kits for a variety of delicious and exotic mushrooms that users can harvest and enjoy in as little as seven days.

“The Nirvana Cabinet offers diversity and allows you to Produce, Your Way. It doesn’t bind you to buying a monthly mystery pack of questionably sourced nutrients like other systems. It offers fresher and more exotic options than you would get from the grocery store, and it brings a bit of natural beauty into your home. The integrated terrarium harnesses the balance you find in nature to help boost the greenhouse effects of your mushrooms, microgreens and herbs. All of this leads to better produce, in a perfectly controlled environment all at the push of a button,” adds Rolsch.

The Nirvana Cabinet is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo:

About Shroom Sage

We are Shroom Sage, and we are reimagining the way you eat by bringing the bounty of the forest floor directly to your door with the help of the Nirvana Cabinet™. This fully automated cabinet can help you produce pounds of high-quality organic, mushrooms, produce, herbs, and microgreens each month, all at the push of a button.

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