GroovyHooman launches the token sale of the GHT token

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Innovative cryptocurrency for the cannabis industry, Groovy Hooman Token available via token sale

Groovy Hooman Token, otherwise known as GHT token is an innovative digital currency particularly designed to be used by cannabis enthusiasts and other such stakeholders in the cannabis industry, offering an alternative financial platform for purchasing cannabis and marijuana paraphernalia. The unique ecosystem backed by the GHT token has announced the launch of the token pre-sale of GHT, which is scheduled to run from 11/23/2018 to 4/20/2019.

GHT token, tagged the “The Token for Smokin',” is aimed at making it easy for the cannabis industry to adopt digital asset integration and allow the industry as a whole to enjoy the immense benefits of the digital currency space and the blockchain technology as a whole.

The token will serve multiple purposes including facilitating transactions within the legalized cannabis industry removing the need for cash transactions. It will also serve as an investment vehicle to provide financial flexibility to individuals. All these features will not negatively affect the primary goal of setting up the currency – to allow cannabis enthusiasts interact, buy, and sell products and services using cryptocurrency.

Compared to other ICOs and ITOs, Groovy Hooman Token is already in an advanced stage as it will be traded on top exchanges such as TokenJar and ForkDelta.

More information about GHT and other innovative solutions from Groovy Hooman as well as how to purchase the token can be found on their website and Instagram.

About Groovy Hooman
Groovy Hooman is based in Teaneck, NJ that aims to create an Ultra Premium Rolling Paper that will match the lifestyle of every stakeholder in the cannabis industry particularly with the current wave of Cannabis Legalization around the US.

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Name: Groovy Hooman
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