GroomEasy Slicker Brush For Dogs And Cats Expands Sales To North America

The GroomEasy Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats has been popularized across Europe and Asia. It has now been made available in North America. The brush is the perfect accessory for any cat or dog lover and offers great benefits to your pet's coat and overall health.

The GroomEasy Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats is now available for purchase in North America and can be obtained through Amazon. The slicker brush has been hugely popular in other countries and it is expected to do equally well in this country. Additionally, the excellent customer service the company is renowned for is sure to make this device a hit.

The Slicker Brush features an easy-to-use self-cleaning head. It can be used on cats and dogs alike and offers a very tough, but equally gentle cleaning method. The brush is designed to get rid of loose hairs in the pet’s undercoat and is also able to loosen and detangle top hair very rapidly. It is also very hygienic, as it is able to remove dirt and dander, leaving the pet’s coat shiny, soft and fresh.

GroomEasy’s Slicker Brush is built out of highly sturdy materials and is made to last. But just in case, the company also guarantees satisfaction with a 60-day money back guarantee. Additionally, there is a full five-year replacement policy should there be any issues with the comb.

GroomEasy itself has been operating across Europe and Asia for some time now. There, they have built up a full network of distributors and their dog and cat slicker brush is a staple possession in many pet owners’ households, as well as in grooming salons, kennels and cateries.

GroomEasy has always focused on offering high levels of customer service at every element of their operations. Hence, when someone purchases the slicker brush from GroomEasy on Amazon, they will receive it in “easy open” packaging that makes it easier to open the device without stress or frustration. Operation is also very easy. A button clicks out, enabling the user to test it on their pet. Instantly, a huge deal of hair will be removed. Simply pressing the button again will make all the hairs come off in an easy to manage wad of fur. This can instantly be thrown away, and the brush will be clean and ready to use again. After a single use, pets look shiny and bright, as well as healthy.

One of the reasons why it is believed that the brush will be popular here, besides the fact that it is available from Amazon, is that it also helps to increase hygiene. Pet owners are always concerned about the health of their cats and dogs. Additionally, they are concerned about their own health and how the spread of dander and small pieces of hair can affect their airways.

Full details about the Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats from GroomEasy can be found here on or their own website at The company’s headquarters are in Ireland.


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