Grey Umbrella Marketing Launches Powerful New Specialized E-Commerce SEO Service

New service meets the unique challenges of e-commerce search engine optimization in systematic, results-focused ways, producing more traffic and revenue for clients, Grey Umbrella Marketing reports

Grey Umbrella Marketing, a leading digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) agency, announced the launch of the company's new e-commerce-specific SEO service. Opportunities for improving the search engine visibility of e-commerce sites are often overlooked, with relatively few SEO companies having the specialized skills necessary to do this kind of work effectively. Grey Umbrella Marketing, on the other hand, has extensive, organization-wide experience tuning and optimizing clients' e-commerce platforms on an as-needed basis, and will now offer this important and valuable service to all.

"E-commerce SEO is an entirely separate endeavor from everyday SEO, and it comes with a whole set of unique challenges," Grey Umbrella Marketing representative Ronald Dod said, "With our new ecommerce seo services, our clients are going to enjoy gratifying visibility and revenue improvements for their e-commerce platforms."

Search engines like Google use a variety of metrics to gauge the value of particular websites when returning results to users. The practice of search engine optimization in general involves a variety of standard techniques that are ultimately aimed at improving these assessments for targeted websites.

Due to their special nature, though, e-commerce sites present a number of challenges when it comes to this endeavor, a fact that often leads owners of e-commerce platforms to forgo SEO altogether. For example, because they typically offer a number of generally similar products, e-commerce sites are often assessed penalties for hosting duplicate content, despite the good intentions of their creators. Because the product pages that make up the bulk of most e-commerce sites often have relatively little in the way of content individually, the sites themselves also often suffer further penalties for seeming trivial to search engines' ranking algorithms.

Grey Umbrella Marketing's new e-commerce SEO services tackle these problems and related ones directly. Although many competitors, not feeling comfortable with the issues involved, skip over e-commerce SEO entirely, Grey Umbrella Marketing has long taken on the task for selected customers and met with great success. Now that the company's e-commerce SEO services will be available to all clients on an on-demand basis, Grey Umbrella Marketing expects that a whole new wave of impressive results will be forthcoming.

There is good reason for this confidence. Over the course of previous projects, Grey Umbrella Marketing has helped particular clients experience traffic increases of 50% or more per month to their e-commerce destinations, improvements that can be similarly transformative in terms of increasing revenues. As with all of the company's services, Grey Umbrella Marketing's new e-commerce SEO product is crafted to produce the kinds of results that matter to a business's bottom line, and to do so in ways that are as sustainable as they are valuable. Grey Umbrella Marketing, then, is already proving to be as valuable to clients as a specialized E-commerce SEO company as it has for SEO and marketing in general.

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