Greg Feste To Address Lack of Cancer Coverage In Insurance Policies In Upcoming Commercial Says Feste

Rezilient Direct, along with CEO Greg Feste will be launching a series of commercials addressing the lack of coverage insurance policies provide when it comes to cancer.

Rezilient Direct is trying to promote and advocate financial protection against cancer with their new series of commercials that tell the stories of real life cancer survivors who have dealt with financial hardship firsthand. "We have people coming to us that are trying to buy cancer insurance, that are already diagnosed with cancer because of all of the things insurance doesn't cover. We are trying to promote the message that you need to financially prepare yourself before a cancer diagnosis with a supplemental policy. It should be a part of everyone's portfolio, just like life insurance", says Greg Feste. RZD is on a mission to create awareness about the lack of coverage in major medical insurance that doesn't pay for many of the costs that come with a cancer diagnosis.

These costs aren't just medically related, many of them are due to things like hotel expenses, gas, food, and other travel costs when going to get treatment. "Many people don't realize that there are so many different expenses that insurance policies just don't recognize. Supplemental cancer coverage is designed to pick up the tab on a lot of those unexpected things that come with cancer. They actually pay you cash benefits, and not just a little bit at a time. This helps to bridge the gap between coverage, and reduces chances of going into some serious debt", stated Greg Feste, RZD CEO. Rezilient Direct Corp was formed to bring this coverage to the market, so customers could buy supplemental insurance with ease. Users can do this by going to the RZD website, and getting a quick quote by entering their medical information.

This tells customers how much their monthly premium will be, and will then direct users to enrolling in a policy of their preference. "We have made this process as quick and easy as possible. Our clients can get a quote, choose a policy, fill out medical information, and get an approval for a policy in roughly 5 minutes. We are pretty proud of that, being the first company to offer supplemental insurance online, with the ability to purchase a policy all online", quoted Rezilient Direct President Greg Feste, of Austin, TX.

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