Greenvisa Gives Travelers Useful Tips For Making Vietnam Online Visa Application

Previously, foreigners planning to apply for Vietnam visa only had one method: contact the Vietnam Embassy in their country. Now the situation is different; it is much easier for foreigners to get Vietnam visa online through travel companies thanks to the new open policy.

Normally, foreign visitors who desire to get a Vietnam visa are required to go straight to the Vietnam Embassy in their country and make a visa request. This option used to be considered as the only way to get a visa for Vietnam.

Nevertheless, a new method of Vietnam visa application, which is known as Vietnam visa on arrival (or Vietnam visa online), is approved by the Vietnam Immigration Department to make the visa process easier and more convenient. Despite its presence for over 10 years, many people are still likely to be confused about its information and requirements. That is why – a government-registered agency specializing on Vietnam visa on arrival services is here to give travelers handy tips to avoid serious problems during the visa-getting process.

Getting a Vietnam visa is an administrative procedure and visitors do not know how long and complicated it could be. Visa online for Vietnam requires applicants to go through two phases of visa process which are done online and at the arrival airport. Tourists, therefore, are advised to apply for a visa to Vietnam as soon as possible to avoid unexpected problems in last minutes. Checking Vietnam visa policy or requirements for updated changes is also an essential step that Greenvisa advises visitors to take first before making the visa application.

Regarding documents, a passport is the first document that travelers need to possess if they want to make a Vietnam visa online application. The applicants have to prepare a passport which is valid for at least 6 months. They also need to ensure that all of the information they fill out on the application form is completely accurate since a small mistake of spelling or entering the wrong information also leads applicants to difficult situations at the airport.

Many people believe that they can make a request for a visa Vietnam online by themselves and it can be obtained before their trip. Remember that the Vietnam Immigration Department only approves certain government-approved companies the legal right to apply and process the Vietnam online visa directly for them. Therefore, travelers who want to get an online Vietnam visa have to hire a travel agency to help them obtain the pre-arranged visa (Vietnam approval letter online) before getting the visa stamp. Currently, there a large number of agencies providing visa online services for foreigners and not all of them are reliable. Visitors should find a trustworthy company that offers prestige services with affordable prices to avoid scams or rejected applications.

Travelers can click here for more information of Vietnam visa online information or requirements.

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