Greentumble Publishes Latest Research on Fracking and Solar Energy In Bid To Get People To Act raises awareness of environmental issues with a strong call to action, and is looking to impassion people about their energy choices to help ban the dangerous and destructive practice of fracking.

The world is in a state of environmental peril, the likes of which were last experienced before an ice age. Environmental destruction, species extinction, atmospheric carbon and nitrogen levels in the sea are all at record highs, and only significant action on both an individual and societal levels will help avert disaster. Greentumble is an online presence dedicated to raising awareness of both what is happening, and what people can do about it. Their latest editorials have focused on energy, comparing the pros and cons of fracking and solar energy.

Their new editorial on fracking pros and cons assesses what the lobbyists have had to say on the matter as well as what science states about its implications, and the huge gulf in the presentation and the reality. While the pros claim more jobs, lower energy prices and a decreased reliance on coal, the science shows that extreme water consumption, toxic waste, the chemicals used in the extraction and the methane released in the process all make it catastrophic in comparison to renewable energy.

While that fight takes place at an industrial and political level, the site also gives people the option to reduce their dependence on energy providers by getting their energy from renewable home sources. Despite the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy describing a high up-front set up cost, the legacy offers a guaranteed return on investment, while saving the environment in the process.

A spokesperson for Greentumble explained, “Greentumble is committed to helping people understand the consequences of their choices, and wants readers to use that understanding to inform the choices they make, and make positive changes to their lives for the good of the planet. We have been reckless custodians so far, and that means our generation is the one that must fight, make sacrifices, and avert environmental disaster in the same way the Greatest Generation fought to avert ideological disaster.”

About Greentumble: Greentumble is formed by a group of concerned global citizens that decided to take action towards environmental issues. Their goal is to provide education, raise awareness and help initiate the change in attitudes and behaviors towards a more sustainable lifestyle where Nature conservation becomes a main priority in our lives. Their website is regularly updated by a committed team of researchers and writers.

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