GreenTree Analytics Announces Launch of Civil Cannabis Quality Program

Kingston, WA / March 11, 2014 / GreenTree Analytics, LLC, has announced the creation of its Civil Cannabis Quality Program (CCQP), which will provide free quality testing for the Washington State recreational cannabis industry for a period of 12 months beginning when state accreditation is granted to the laboratory. This highly reliable mass spectrometry testing will ensure that cannabis producers, processors, vendors, and consumers can trust that their products are high quality and compliant with state regulations.

“We created the CCQP both to eliminate the monetization of consumer safety and product integrity and to steward this new industry into maturity,” said Co-founder and Executive Director Eric McKinney. “We’re giving it away for the first year to do our part to make sure the Washington's new cannabis industry launches without a hitch.”

At the end of this 12-month period, GreenTree Analytics will publish a detailed cost analysis and suggested fee structure for industry-specific testing. This will include all data collected up to that point, scrubbed free from any identifying information to ensure confidentiality. One hundred percent (100%) of the proceeds from testing after the initial 12-month period will be directed toward cannabis and botanical medicine re- search performed by the Botanical Medicine Academy.

GreenTree Analytics has future plans to launch a parallel CCQP in Colorado, and will thereafter expand the the program to other states working towards the creation of a safe and reliable recreational cannabis industry.

About Us

GreenTree Analytics offers detailed qualitative and quantitative testing of cannabis-related products. We help producers comply with regulations and ensure quality. Our deep knowledge and cutting-edge technology ensure that we deliver better, faster results. Our passion for plants—and science—drives everything we do.

GreenTree Analytics is partnered with the Botanical Medicine Academy, a not-for-profit entity that educates professionals and the public about botanical medicine. We love plants. We want to see more of them brought to market. Washington's legalization of cannabis has opened the door to the world we want to live in. To support this cause or find out more, please send donations and requests for information to the Botanical Medicine Academy, P.O. Box 1406, Kingston, WA 98346.

Eric McKinney is Co-founder and Executive Director of GreenTree Analytics, a botanical research laboratory in Kingston, WA. He is also Co-founder and CEO of GreenTree Consultants—a consulting firm that specializes in biomedical regulatory affairs for the food, dietary supplement, and pharmaceutical industries—as well as Vice President of the Botanical Medicine Academy, and has spent ten years studying with master herbalists.

Erin Leary holds a B.S. in Herbal Sciences from Bastyr University and an M.S. in Biomedical Regulatory Affairs from the University of Washington's school of pharmacy. She currently lectures for both those programs. She is Co-founder and Quality Director of GreenTree Consultants and GreenTree Analytics, where she specializes in regulatory compliance for manufacturers within the dietary supplement industry and manages the botanical research laboratory. She is also the treasurer of the Botanical Medicine Academy.

Dr. Eric Yarnell, President of the Botanical Medicine Academy and Research Director of GreenTree Analytics, earned his ND from Bastyr University in 1996. He launched Healing Mountain Publishing in 1997 and Northwest Naturopathic Urology, on of the only naturopathic urology practices in North America, in 2004. Dr. Yarnell is deeply experienced with natural medicine practice, education, and research, and he is dedicated to advancing the knowledge and use of natural medicine.

Mary Ellen K. Salyan is Scientific Director of GreenTree Analytics. She holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Radford with continuing education in mass spectrometry and ion optics. Her scientific focus has been the application of mass spectrometric techniques in understanding target drug interactions, mechanistic pathways and chemical processes; qualitative and quantitative methods development; and structure elucidation of small molecules. She is a member of the American Chemical Society, American Society of Mass Spectrometry, and the Society for Science and the Public.

Source: GreenTree Analytics, LLC

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