Greenpath disrupting the health and wellness industry with their Partnership Program

Provider of innovative CBD solutions, Greenpath™ Science, announces the launch of a Partnership Program to partner with healthcare providers for their Measured CBD System

Greenpath™ is intensifying their effort to change the way pain is managed through an accurately calibrated measurement tool with the launch of the Greenpath Science Partnership Program. The program aims to provide healthcare providers with easy access to a solution to one of their biggest challenges with CBD - accurate measurement.

"We are helping healthcare providers with the number one challenge they are facing with CBD - how to measure it," Greenhut recently announced accurately. "Currently, no brand offers a system to measure CBD accurately. We developed a system with a calibrated dropper that is a breakthrough technology." Greenhut elaborates.

The use of opioids has become increasingly popular in recent times due to its pain-suppressing feature, with many people taking it for chronic pain management. Unfortunately, the use of opioids has led to the death of thousands of people in the United States, with a report revealing that approximately 130 people die every day due to opioid overdosing. According to the CDC, the number of opioid-involved overdose deaths in the U.S. increased by 90% from 2013 to 2017, with the mortality rate directly attributed to prescription opioids. This is where Greenpath™ Science is looking to change the narrative with the introduction of the first-ever calibrated measurement tool for CBD consumption.

Greenpath Science was founded by Bart Greenhut (of Bart'sBakery fame) with the aim of spreading the word about the amazing benefits of the hemp-based dietary supplement CBD Oil.

"Opioids are just way over-prescribed in this country," Greenhut says in a recent interview. "For people who are addicted to medications, CBD is a real game-changer, especially for patients over 50. CBD reduces my aches and pains, daily fatigue, arthritis in my hands, and helps me maintain my well-being."

Greenpath Science is partnering with professionals in the healthcare and wellness industry to provide a safe supplemental treatment by using a calibrated system through the Greenpath Science Partnership Program. The GreepathScience Calibrated System is designed to help users to find and control the best measurement for their wellness.

"This program is groundbreaking as it goes directly to the people who need it the most and involves their trusted provider to make sure that the CBD is 3rd party lab certified, THC Free, organically formed, and controlled," Greenhutsaid.

The Greenpath Measured CBD Starter Kit™ is all-inclusive as it comes with everything needed for a safe, relaxing introduction to CBD. The kit includes 1000mg of the highest-quality hemp-based, organically farmed, non-intoxicating CBD Oil, a certificate of analysis, an exclusive calibrated dropper with a memory band, and a daily log to track the progress of the user. The 3rd-party tested and the scientifically developed system is designed to deliver safe, consistent, and personalized results to ensure patients discover the benefits of CBD.

Healthcare providers and other such interested stakeholders in the industry can go to to learn more about the easily accessible partnership program and direct their clients to a safe, measured CBD system.

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