GreeNatr Publishes Strongest Appetite Suppressant Tips With Over the Counter Natural Methods for Safe Weight Management

The search for the best appetite suppressants is one of the challenge in managing weight. Many people have the constant feeling of wanting to overeat. To explain in-depth why this happens, GreeNatr breaks down the science of natural appetite suppressants.

GreeNatr, a top-selling wellness brand, recently published an article describing the psychology of eating and why many people succumb to overeating. In their article, they compare the different types of hunger -- one that is biological and another driven by pleasure -- to distinguish the best techniques and tricks for appetite control.

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Overeating or binge eating is consuming an excessive amount of food in relation to the body’s energy and nutrient needs. Digesting too many high-calorie foods can lead to weight gain and obesity. In the United States, 4 out of 10 adults are considered obese, making the country the lead in the obesity epidemic.

According to GreeNatr’s article, knowing the reason why we feel hungry can be quite complicated. Hunger pangs are felt not just because your body demands energy, but also because of the different environmental and pleasurable signals we have around us.

The article compares the real hunger called Homeostatic Hunger and the pleasurable hunger named Hedonic Hunger. Homeostatic hunger recognizes the body’s need for fuel and energy. Hormones like ghrelin and leptin act on the body to signal hunger and satiety respectively. On the other hand, hedonic hunger identifies external factors like stress and pleasure. In short, hedonic hunger is simply “wanting” to eat, rather than “needing” to eat.

A GreeNatr spokesperson emphasized the importance of knowing which type of hunger one is experiencing. “The key to stopping yourself from overeating is by first identifying the hunger you are experiencing. From there you can apply different tricks and techniques in order to curb your appetite. Try to eat more slowly, find your triggers, practice mindful eating, stop skipping meals, eat whole foods, sleep better, avoid boredom, or use natural supplements designed to suppress your appetite.”

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