Green Visa Announces What Size Passport Photo For Vietnam Visa Is Appropriate

What size passport photo for Vietnam visa does one need to get a visa successfully is one of the prime concerns according to Being a prestigious company who has lawfully serviced many applicants for getting their visa, Greenvisa now answers the important question.

“Generally one of the things that I have come across in my career is that most applicants are completely unaware of the impact of a passport photo while applying for visas. “What size photo for Vietnam visa do I need to get,” is the most common question that I deal with.” As per the statement of Green visa CEO.

It is very prominent that applicants of a Vietnam visa need to maintain the following qualities in their photographs:

• White background
• Full view of the face without any obstruction
• No head accessories that includes no scarves or other fashionable artifacts
• Most recent picture (possibly within a span of 6 months)
• Expression must be neutral

Quality check is another factor which needs to be run. Apart than all these factors, another thing of great importance is photo size required for Vietnam visa. On getting these characteristic checked step by step, sanctioning of visa will be easy and smooth.

Addressing to the existing issue of appropriate size, the chief executive officer of Green visa stated the following:

“Variants are ever evolving and differ from country to country. Entry to the applicants is given only if their visa embassy has pre-approved the dimensions. Now many of the times, the Vietnam visa application photo size is easy to get all mixed up”.

The CEO of Green visa went on further to state how common it is that people are unaware of the small technicalities. “The ideal Vietnam visa photo size needs to be of 4x6 cm. Now that is not so for the visa photos. 2x2 inches is also another variant. However, the sizes are completely up to the countries to decide. Hence, just contact the visa handling experts and get more thorough information in that respect.”

Making the perfect achievable size even more difficult to pursue, it is challenging to make sure the border margin is not very wide.

The chief executive officer of Green visa stated: “What I frequently notice is wrong photograph border sizes. Mainly the Vietnam tourist visa photo size itself needs to have a thin and even borderline in just the right size which varies from 4x6 cm to 2x2 inches.”

He went on to state how visa applicants sometimes would get their photos a size larger and then cut off the edges to get it round about ideal size. In that case, the visa is black marked. Hence candidates need to be very careful about their photos.

Founded in the year of 2007, Green visa is a company responsible for providing tourists and travellers with successful visa on arrival services. Keeping in mind that applicants need to project standard visa photo size Vietnam, Green Visa does an exceptional job in their visa providing services. offers quality, hassle free service to all of its clients.

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