Green Tea Shown To Enhance Working Memory In A Brand New Research Study

Scientists at the University of Basel recently joined a growing rank of academic researchers to rave about the multiple benefits of Green Tea.

As if weight loss, decreasing anxiety and stopping the growth of cancer weren't enough, now multiple studies are proving that green tea can also serve as a memory & cognitive enhancer.

The scientists at the University of Basel found that participants that took green tea extract not only performed better on memory tasks, their brains also displayed an activation pattern where information passed quicker from one part of the brain to the other. This resulted in a heightened ability to recall information.

These results come on the heels of an earlier study by the University of Michigan which demonstrated how nutrients from green tea block the formation of dangerous plaques that are often linked to the onset of Alzheimer’s and other neuro-degenerative diseases.

After reading such studies, it is tempting to run to the grocery store, buy some green tea, start drinking, and expect breakthrough results...

However, according to Ray Hudson, founder of Botanica Research, "To get the appropriate benefits from green tea, you would have to consistently drink at least 8 to 12 cups of green tea to retrieve the critical amount of EGCG, the great antioxidant in green tea that is responsible for all these wonderful health benefits."

For most people, that is simply not realistic. They either:
a)Don’t have enough time in the day to drink so much green tea.
b)Simply don’t enjoy the taste of green tea to drink it that often in a day.
c)Are concerned about the amount of caffeine consumption in drinking so much tea.

As a result, Ray recommends taking green tea extract in capsule form. Instead of taking 12 cups of green tea, everyone can take a 500mg capsule once a day and get the essential dose of EGCG. Plus, some capsules, like the ones formulated by Botanica Research, contain less caffeine than half a cup of coffee.

To celebrate this wonderful news, Botanica Research is now offering its popular Green Tea Extract on It is offering this at an introductory price of $23.99.

“We want to offer this discount to raise awareness of green tea as a tool to not only lose weight and promote a healthy heart, but also to remind people that green tea in extract form can ALSO improve the long term wellness of your brain.”

According to staff, this is a limited time offer that is completely dependent on supply.

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