Green Smoothie Blenders Reveals Secret to Getting a Great Blender at a Decent Price

Smoothies see boost in popularity as Americans work to improve their health reports Green Smoothie Blenders.

According to Vivonet, people tend to buy smoothies on Fridays more than any other day of the week with Sunday coming in as the day with the fewest sales. Vivonet tracks sales for restaurants across the country and discovered this information while tracing popular smoothie flavors. "Buying smoothies on a regular basis becomes expensive over a period of time, leaving many consumers to look for new ways to indulge the habit. Often, this leads one to search for the best blender for green smoothies which is where Green Smoothie Blenders becomes of great help," Joseph Mugs, site spokesperson, declares.

When one thinks of a green smoothie blender, the first name coming to mind is often Vitamix, a blender known for its durability and ability to fix whole food smoothies, a task many ordinary blenders fail at, while blending fibrous foods, including carrots and kale. "Before one goes to spend the money on a brand new Vitamix, he or she needs to research other available models, such as the Blendtec. Doing so ensures the right blender is selected the first time. Green Smoothie Blenders takes on the challenge of comparing these two popular brands, and details of the blendtec vs vitamix comparison may be found on the site," Mugs continues.

Those who do decide the Vitamix blender is the appropriate choice for their needs may be shocked to see how much a new machine of this type costs. Depending on the model selected, one can spend upwards of $700 on a smoothie blender. "Green Smoothie Blenders realizes this is too much for many consumers and spent time researching ways for consumers to save on the purchase of this or any blender designed to make smoothies. One option many choose when looking to buy a blender is to purchase a refurbished vitamix. Doing so saves the consumer money while still allowing them to get an amazing machine," Mugs explains.

Vitamix wants to ensure customers feel comfortable when purchasing a reconditioned machine and offers a warranty along with bonuses found with new machines. As Mugs points out, Vitamix and all blender manufacturers want consumers to get the most from their products. This holds true for new machines and reconditioned ones. Everyone who wants to have a green smoothie blender can now do so with the help of Green Smoothie Blenders, a site dedicated to helping consumers find a blender they love at a price they can afford.

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Green Smoothie Blenders remains the place to go when one is looking for a reliable blender for the making of healthy smoothies. Many automatically think of one or two brands when choosing a blender, yet there are other types which may better meet one's needs, and the site examines these other brands along with refurbished blenders. To ensure site visitors have the details they desire, promo codes and information on discounted blenders may be found here also. Visitors find they don't need to look elsewhere to make an informed decision as to which blender is right for them.

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