Green Smoothie Blenders Completes New Round of Blender Reviews

Site targets high-end devices for those dedicated to green smoothie-focused diets with new range of reviews.

Internet resource Green Smoothie Blenders announced the completion and immediate availability of its latest round of reviews. Focusing on high-end home blender appliances which have the power and reliability to support demanding, daily usage, the site targets consumers interested in incorporating green vegetable-based drinks into their diets. Many nutritionists and health experts today believe that such drinks can be among the most healthful and practical additions to diets, and blenders which make it easy for consumers to create these at home can aid them in making this change.

"Over the many years when the conclusions and recommendations of dietary experts have seemed almost continually to shift," company representative Samantha Gladwell stated, "one thing has remained a constant: Eating lots of green, leafy vegetables is one of the best things you can do for your health." Rich in vitamins, fiber, protein, and antioxidants, but low in fat and carbohydrates, green, leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, and collard greens often have superb nutritional profiles. While many people understand the importance of these vegetables for healthy living, some find it difficult to incorporate enough of them into their diets.

"More and more health-conscious people are discovering how easy, great-tasting, green smoothies can help them get more leafy vegetables in their diets," Gladwell continued, "and our reviews of high-quality blenders are designed to make it especially easy for consumers to choose the perfect one for their needs." Creating smoothies from green, leafy vegetables preserves all of their health-boosting benefits while making it much easier to take in enough of them and giving consumers the ability to improve their taste with other additions. Many mass-market juicers and blenders, however, are not designed to provide reliability under the consistent usage that converts to such improved diets typically require.

Green Smoothie Blenders allows consumers to compare Blendtec and Vitamix machines, as well as other similarly high-end brands. Machines from manufacturers such as these often boast motors several times larger than more common consumer-oriented units, with their reliability and blending power scaling similarly. The site's green smoothie blender reviews therefore focus on machines at this end of the scale, a space where objective, in-depth analysis of the offerings can be difficult to find compared to the situation with mass-market blenders. The company's refurbished Vitamix reviews, for example, are some of the only ones of such depth available anywhere and are therefore an invaluable resource for those considering such a money-saving purchase.

"With a great blender to hand, it's easier than ever for consumers to benefit from more green, leafy vegetables in their diets," Gladwell concluded, "and we're dedicated to being the best resource there is for those interested in this possibility." Visitors who sign up on the site are entered to win a monthly drawing for copies of The Healthy Green Drink Diet, a national best-seller containing nutritional advice and a large collection of recipes. The company continues to update its selection of industry-leading reviews and guides, and it expects to grow even further as more people discover the health benefits of green smoothies.

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Catering to the needs of those interested in the health benefits of green smoothie drinks, Green Smoothie Blenders provides in-depth, unbiased reviews of high-end, home-oriented blenders. The site also includes a number of comparative tools, as well as guides designed to help consumers understand the issues and considerations inherent to such appliances.

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