Green Smoothie Blenders Announces Analysis of Top-Rated Smoothie Blenders

Top-rated blenders make it easy to make smoothies at home with full control of ingredients, Green Smoothie Blenders Reports.

The health benefits of vegetables may be well known, but that doesn't change the fact that many people don't like their flavors very much. Some of the healthiest ones are also very bulky. For example, it'd take many cups of certain types of leafy greens to glean a significant amount of nutrition. This leads to the development of novel preparation methods meant to both improve the flavor of vegetables and cut their bulk.

Green smoothies represent the latest popular method for making vegetables more palatable and fitting them into smaller spaces. These are made by combining vegetables and fruits in a blender and running the machine until a smooth, shake-like drink results. The green color comes from the green leafy vegetables that make up a large percentage of the smoothies' content. Fruits round out the mix to make it taste good without ruining its health value. Specific vegetable-to-fruit ratios vary, but one common ratio is 40 percent vegetables and 60 percent fruits.

People who make green smoothies at home find that some blenders can't chop the vegetables fine enough to create smoothies with the proper texture. Top-rated green smoothie blenders have proven themselves on this specific task rather than general blending, and these are the ones that home smoothie makers should look to add to their kitchens.

"A standard blender can usually handle fruits with no problem because most fruit doesn't have long, stringy fibers to break up," explained Samantha Gladwell of Green Smoothie Blenders, a blender review site. "Unfortunately, many people find that their current blender isn't nearly as good when it's presented with leafy vegetables like spinach or celery. Broccoli is also a challenge."

Some of the best blenders come from companies that have sold machines to health-conscious people for decades. These manufacturers have already tackled the challenges of liquefying tough, fibrous vegetables, so it's a simple matter to use their equipment to make the thicker concoctions known as green smoothies.

"When it comes to blenders, users can be as fanatical about their favorite brands as users of computers are fanatical about their PCs and Apples," Gladwell noted. "This often happens when there are at least two competing brands that can do their jobs very well. In the green smoothie arena, the contenders are the Vitamix Professional Series and the Blendtec refurbished blender. Of course, new Blendtecs are also highly popular."

"As long as consumers choose a blender that can get the job done, the deciding factor for a purchase is usually ease of use," Gladwell concluded. "Some people will prefer one type of control panel and cleaning system, while others will want a different one. Reading reviews makes it easy to get a feel for a particular type before making an investment."

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