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Green lipped mussel supplements can dramatically improve one's health, reports

New Zealand produces more than 140,000 tons of green lipped mussels every year, and they are the only country home to these beneficial creatures. In addition to being used as a food source, mussels contain omega acids that benefit individuals suffering from inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, as well as those struggling with stomach ailments and asthma. The mussels contain a brand of fatty acids not available anywhere else, and many make use of supplements made from green lipped mussels to obtain the benefits associated with the consumption of these creatures, as the supplements provide more nutritional value.

"Mineral salts found in the green lipped mussel are very similar to the human body's mineral composition. Many individuals believe they can obtain the health benefits of these salts by consuming mussels as a seafood dish. Unfortunately, this isn't the case, as the nutritional value of these creatures diminishes significantly when they are cooked or stored in a freezer. One can eat them raw, yet many opt not to go this route, and this is where a supplement becomes of great help," Nicholas Smith, spokesperson for Green Lipped Mussel Benefits (, announces.

Consumers want to ensure they purchase the right product for their needs and a green lipped mussel brand comparison should be conducted. When examining various products, consumers need to determine the core ingredient of the supplement, the supplement form, the processing method and more. All supplements are not created equal, and consumers must remember this at all times.

"Individuals should select a supplement that is made using green lipped mussels from New Zealand, as they are the freshest in the world. In addition, one must decide if they want an oil, an extract or a powder, as the extraction method plays a role in the purity and efficacy of the product. For example, oil supplements tend to have less nutritional value, due to the process used to make the oil," Smith continues.

When comparing the different offerings, one needs to learn as much as they possibly can. Speaking to others about these supplements is one way to do so, yet reading reviews of various products can be of great help also. For instance, when one reads an xtend life green lipped mussel powder supplement review, they often decide this is the product for them.

"X-tend Life offers numerous advantages over other products on the market today. It's processed in a special way to avoid cooking or freezing the mussels, allowing the product to retain more of the nutritional value and this is only one of the benefits. Read this review and the numerous others offered on the site today to learn more about which product is best for your needs," Smith reports.

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