Green Forest Timber Announces Plans for New Store to Open in 2015

New store to open during first quarter near to present one will provide even more attractive, spacious showcase for company's popular, environmentally responsible products, Green Forest Timber reports

Green Forest Timber, a leading supplier of environmentally friendly decking and related products, announced that the company will be moving to a new location during the first quarter of the coming year. The new store, to be located at 49 Parramatta Road in Clyde a short distance from the existing store at 39 George Street, will carry the same popular selection of decking, indoor flooring and other products made from environmentally friendly woods like Bangkirai and Merbau. Green Forest Timber works with a number of partners to salvage timber cuts that might otherwise go unused and turn them into attractive, long-lasting, environmentally responsible products.

"Business has been very good to us, as so many people in the area have come to appreciate the quality and environmentally friendly nature of the products we stock," Green Forest Timber representative Lukas Purnomo said, "Thanks to the support of our loyal customers, we will be moving to an even more attractive retail location in the coming months. Until then, our clients can still find us, as before, at 39 George Street."

Concerns about the sustainability of the world's timber stocks have risen over the course of the last few decades, as accelerated logging and building activities have decimated forests in many parts of the globe. Given this fact, many builders and consumers have sought ways to act more responsibly, as by seeking out species of timber that can be replenished more quickly and ensuring that no timber is wasted unnecessarily.

Since the company's founding, Green Forest Timber has been a leading source of building materials and supplies for those in the Sydney area who are concerned about such issues. The company works with a range of producers and suppliers to procure decking, flooring, plywood and other timber-based products that are made from environmentally friendly woods and processes. Many of Green Forest Timber's offerings, for example, are produced from off cuts of Bangkirai, Merbau, and other "green" woods that might otherwise go unused.

By providing such responsible, in-demand products to those in the Sydney area, along with associated supplies like fasteners and finishes, Green Forest Timber has grown at a rapid pace. While the company's current store at 39 George Street has been and remains an excellent outlet for its array of products, the location to be opened nearby at 49 Parramatta Road will afford customers with even pleasanter and more productive shopping experiences.

The new store will open in the coming months, until which time Green Forest Timber will continue doing business as usual at the company's present location, with a short break from December 25th through January 4th. More details about the new store and the company's whole range of products can be found at, along with contact information and an up-to-date list of monthly specials.

About Green Forest Timber:
Providing environmentally responsible timber-based building supplies and related products to those in the Sydney area, Green Forest Timber insists on sustainability, while never compromising on quality or price.

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