Green Energy Compare Offers a Guide to a Warm and Energy-Efficient Winter

Green Energy Compare provides various tips for homeowners on improving their energy efficiency at home.

The UK's leading quote platform for energy-efficient upgrades, Green Energy Compare is providing guidance and valuable tips for homeowners to help them overcome the consequences of soaring energy prices this winter. With the proper guidance, homeowners are able to tackle the rising energy price issue. The tips provided by Green Energy Compare also aims to help tackle the rising living costs in the UK which have been increasing due to inflation.

The guide consists of two key parts; the first is on the essential factors affecting energy prices and the details of help available. The ban on gas boilers from new build properties in 2025 is set to increase the cost of boilers, instillation and repairs on top of the already increasing gas prices. Heat pumps will be one of the main alternatives to gas boilers, but the significant upfront cost for the purchase and installation is another factor for homeowners to consider when switching. An increase in the energy price cap and a windfall tax on oil and gas operators will also cause the price to hike.

The second part will be on some key ways to help homeowners improve their energy efficiency usage at home. This will help lower the cost of energy bills and potentially add value to the property. One such is the Energy Bills Support Scheme, which aims to help ease the pain of high energy costs by giving a 400-pound discount to all households in the UK. Homeowners can also improve their energy efficiency at home by switching to a more environment-friendly and sustainable energy application such as air source heat pumps.

With their long lifespans and potentially improved efficiency, these pumps can help homeowners save money in the long term. Another way is to prepare good quality insulation for the property, which is essential to help save energy. Homeowners can consider upgrading to double and triple-glazing windows and installing solid roofs to reduce heat loss. As greater demand for energy-efficient homes increases, these effective upgrades could add value to the property.

"The goal of Green Energy Compare has always been to assist homeowners in building an energy- efficient and self-sufficient home," said a spokesperson for the company. "The platform is positioned to offer consumers helpful information and recommendations at a time when energy prices are unpredictable, which may be helpful in the short- and long-term."

Quyen Dao, Green Energy Compare’s Head of Content, adds “We want homeowners to have more than just one warm winter. That’s why we strive to make our platform a useful tool and an informative library. With the up-to-date information offered through Green Energy Compare, we aim to empower people to make informed decisions and chose solutions which meet their needs.”

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