Greeley Dentist, Dr. Kunzman, Uses CEREC: Saves Patients Time and Discomfort

CEREC technology makes visiting the dentist less stressful and time consuming.

High-quality dental care is, perhaps, one of the best things money can buy; it can ensure a lifetime of health and happiness. GB Dental Associates has been serving the Greeley, Windsor, and Loveland, CO communities for over 37 years with only the best dental treatments and services. Dr. Nathaniel Kunzman offers personalized treatment and customized, comprehensive care for the entire family. Along with his team, Dr. Kunzman strives to create an atmosphere of confidence and trust.

Among the variety of preventive and general dental treatments they offer, from hygiene services to full mouth restorations,Invisalign® clear aligners, dental implants, laser dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and KöR teeth whitening, they also offer CEREC® single-visit crowns.

Even the best brusher and flosser can get a cavity or crack a tooth. Fortunately, repairing the damage is easier than ever. CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction) is a system that makes it possible for a dentist to crown a tooth in one visit.

Getting an old fashioned crown requires the patient to let the doctor take a cast of the tooth before affixing a temporary crown. Then, another appointment must be made to get the final crown several days later. During the intermediate time, the patient has to tolerate an ill-fitting, often uncomfortable temporary.

With CEREC, an indirect measurement of the tooth is made using reflective powder and a 3D imager, then specialized software creates a model. The software can reproduce the crown of a broken or decayed tooth based on the wear patterns of surrounding teeth and create tightly fitting fillings for cavities. Finally, a crown or filling is milled from a block of ceramic in as little as twenty minutes and bonded to the tooth.

Not only does the system save time for patients needing a crown, it also prevents discomfort since the dentist doesn't have to touch the tooth to measure it for a crown, the patient doesn't have to wear a temporary crown while waiting for the permanent one, and the accuracy of the modeling and milling makes the final crown fit as comfortably as the patient’s own tooth.

Because the crown or filling is made out of one unbroken piece of ceramic, it is very strong and durable, lasting for years with proper care. Ceramic lasts much longer than resin, which is prone to fractures, and has the natural look of tooth enamel, unlike resin and metal crowns. Ceramic fillings are much stronger and longer lasting than composite fillings and don’t have the same risks as a mercury amalgam filling.

Ceramic crowns and fillings from CEREC are also an excellent choice for people with metal allergies who cannot tolerate standard metal crowns and fillings.

With CEREC, a dentist can diagnose, prepare, and crown a tooth in one visit, saving the patient hours of time and discomfort and providing a durable, natural looking crown that preserves the esthetics of the patient’s smile.

Because of the convenience for the patient and the long term benefits of ceramic reconstruction, Dr. Kunzman uses CEREC for crowns and fillings.

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