Graphitii Offers Marketers High-Quality Cinemagraph Impressing Potential Customers

Getting online viewers is not only having impressive contents, but it is also about attracting visual advertising. The realization of that concern leads to launch of Graphitii - a sort of software regarded as a potential tool for imaging advertisement of brands and higher ranking.

The more viewer marketers get, the high ranking they get to their site. Potential customers are easily attracted by professional contents to make a buying decision. That is the reason why online traders take time and money to develop their site’s content to be more impressive. However, boosting visitor interaction does not only depend on contents. People also like appealing appearances when they look for something. Whether there is another factor making marketer’s site fail in drawing attention. Beside contents, images play a vital role to attract attention from a wide range of online viewers. Graphitii is such a piece of advanced technology that helps users create dynamic living images and videos in a few clicks, right in their browser.

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Graphitii is a web-based application that focuses on turning video into a cinemagraph that converts. It is not a photo editing software. It specializes in creating high-quality cinemagraphs. The result can be mesmerizing, but the process is very simple.

Graphitii soft is created by Joey Xoto, an experienced marketer who has been working in the online marketing field for many years. He knows exactly what kind of mess people usually have when they start doing online business. He has designed Graphitii to help marketing newbies save time and efforts in online sales only by using his marketing and video expertise.

Graphitii software comes with a set of multiple features only for making videos and images. Followings are some major points that make Graphitii stand out.

Create Cinemagraphs Faster: Graphitii allows anybody to create beautiful, dynamic cinemagraphs with just a few clicks.
No Complicated Software To Install. 100% Web Based: Graphitii is 100% web-based. There is no complex software to install, and users can access their projects from anywhere even their mobile phone.
Transform Boring Videos Into Stunning Cinemagraphs: Graphitii lets its users upload their own videos directly into the web app and create fully customized cinemagraphs which are suitable to their choice.
No Technical Skills and Outsourcing Required: Joey included Graphitii with easy to use functions so that everybody can master this tool, regardless of technical ability, anyone can use Graphitii to make appealing cinemagraphs. There is no need to shell out for Photoshop as well as a fancy super-computer or expensive outsourcers.

Apart from those unique features, the company will also offer a package of some useful Videos as their bonuses for customers.

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