Granville Medical Specialist Centre’s Dr. Lee Yiu Kee Offers Specialist Lipoma Treatment

Dr. Lee Yiu Kee can now offer an innovative and efficient approach to effectively removing lipoma, fatty tissue tumors under the skin, at the Granville Medical Specialist Centre.

Lipoma are a form of benign soft tissue tumour which sees a fatty deposit build up between the skin and the muscle. While cancerous variants, or liposarcoma, are rare, the visual appearance of lipoma can often be distressing to individuals, who seek to have them removed for health reasons. This is difficult, as traditional approaches can leave scarring, which just changes the problem instead of solving it. Fortunately for the citizens of Hong Kong, Dr. Lee Yiu Kee of the Granville Medical Specialist Centre is capable of removing Lipoma using new minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Dr. Lee Yiu Kee is an experienced surgeon who has kept on the cutting edge of surgical techniques for his entire career. Lipoma have been a challenge because of their fibrous lining, which meant draining them allowed them to simply grow back. Now, thanks to new minimally invasive surgery, Dr. Kee can remove the Lipoma beneath the skin and heal the wound with dissolvable sutures, leaving barely a mark on the surface.

The Granville Medical Specialist Centre website has a comprehensive resource on Lipoma designed to help people understand them, their implications, and the options for treatment. The resources have been designed to put people at ease and give them confidence in Dr. Lee Yiu Kee’s methods for safely and effectively removing them.

A spokesperson for the Granville Medical Specialist Centre explained, “Dr. Lee Yiu Kee is an experienced and expert surgeon, and this new way of dealing with lipoma is a great way to provide the best possible results, both for health approaches. The unlikely event of a liposarcoma is certainly a reason to act, but if the lipoma is getting beyond 5cm in size, we recommend having it removed for the comfort and confidence of the sufferer.”

About Granville Medical Specialist Centre: Granville Medical Specialist Centre is the practice of Dr. Lee Yiu Kee, who completed his training at Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, before joining the Hong Kong College of Surgeons and the Edinburgh Royal College of Surgery. His advanced health practices enable him to offer the best care and treatment to individuals with a wide variety of commonly occurring problems.

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