Grain Of Light Company Set To Release ANKOR

ANKOR Partners With Funded Today In Preparation For Multi-Tool Release

Grain Of Light Company is planning to release their flashlight/multi-tool hybrid worldwide in 2017. Made of aerospace titanium, ANKOR is a top-notch flashlight and multi-tool combination.

Performance and Specs

ANKOR comes equipped with a multi-mode flashlight. In its high mode, it is able to emit 300 lumens. The flashlight comes with a strobe light feature, and an S.O.S flashing mode to signal for help if the user is stranded. Moonlight mode emits a soft beam and can run continuously for up to 700 hours (about 29 days). The flashlight is rechargeable, and comes attached to a multi-tool.

The titanium multi-tool clip comes with several specs: imperial and metric measuring devices, a wrench, hex drive, bottle opener, box cutter and screwdriver. All of those functions serve as one device that resembles a carabiner, with the ANKOR flashlight able to attach or detach at the user's convenience.

Pricing and Availability

ANKOR has partnered with Funded Today to help increase backers for their campaign. Once the campaign ends, Grain of Light is planning to produce ANKOR and ship by April 2017. The starting price for ANKOR is $53.

To learn more about ANKOR or to pre-order your own flashlight, you can visit this link:

Contact Info:
Name: Pascal Friedmann
Email: Send Email
Organization: Funded Today
Phone: 801-695-5804

Release ID: 167492