GPS Decors Publishes New Content To Give Brides The Edge In Keeping Their Wedding On Trend

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GPS Decors offer wedding decoration and lighting services and has published new material on their blog to advise brides and grooms on the hottest colors for fall 2013 to fall 2014.

Wedding decor can be an expensive business, as brides and grooms want their dream day to look the best it possibly can, and this can come at a high price. For those on a budget, many feel they have to make sacrifices in the look and feel of their wedding to fit their finances. GPS Decors offer wedding decor in Brampton and the surrounding areas and promise breathtaking visuals without breaking the bank. They have recently published new information on color trends for the coming seasons so those planning their wedding can stay on trend.

Their newest editorial reveals that Pantone have nominated this year Emerald and next year Placid Blue- complementary tones that can share a palette. This is ideal for those with Autumn or Winter weddings to be on the cutting edge of fashion and those with Spring and Summer weddings to ensure they aren’t behind the times.

The post comes replete with color theme recommendations, swatches and suggestions to get the creative juices flowing. It is this kind of collaborative contribution to even potential clients that has seen the company awarded a Bride’s Choice five star award in 2013 for their provision of wedding decorations in toronto and its many suburbs.

A spokesperson for GPS Decors explained, “Pantone are a major trend setter in the color world, and influence everyone from major fashion designers to interior decorators. We know that having an on-trend wedding is important to many of our clients, so we’ve shared Pantone’s newest color announcements along with example swatches and sample color sets to see what kind of looks can be achieved with the new palette, keeping things fresh and inventive for weddings in the coming year. This information is even more essential to wedding decoration because planning has to be done so far in advance- we stay ahead of the curve to be on the cutting edge not now, but years from now.”

About GPS Decors:
GPS Decors is a professional wedding decorations and event decorations company based in Toronto, Canada. Clients work with their formal decorating and theme decorating experts for any of life’s special days, whether it be a wedding, birthday or corporate function, for a stress free experience that fits their budget.

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