Gout and You Discusses How Untreated Gout Increases the Risk of Developing Kidney Stones

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In a recently published blog post, Gout and You has shared how gout increases the risk of developing kidney stones if not treated properly. The article's author is Gout and You founder and longtime gout patient Spiro Koulouris.

Gout and You has recently published yet another insightful article to benefit its growing pool of followers. In this in-depth article, the company’s founder, Spiro Koulouris, discusses the correlation between gout and kidney stones. As a person with gout for over a decade, Koulouris created Gout and You to help others with gout with useful information, updates and products.

The article about gout and kidney stones can be found at https://goutandyou.com/gout-and-kidney-stones/.

In the article, Koulouris mentions that those suffering from gout are at an increased risk of developing kidney stones if they don’t treat their condition properly. Also, once kidney stones form, they tend to recur. Kidney stones can consist of oxalate and phosphate or calcium as well as uric acid. Additionally, the article advises that out of all types of kidney stones, uric acid stones are the hardest to diagnose.

According to Koulouris, uric acid crystals deposited in the kidneys may turn into large stones capable of causing permanent kidney damage. If left untreated, kidney stones may also lead to chronic kidney disease and even kidney failure.

The article refers to a study conducted in 2017 revealing that compared to the general population, people with gout are 60% more likely to develop kidney stones. This study also found that this risk is more prevalent in obese males suffering from diabetes.

“If you are passing a small stone, your doctor can recommend you take a pain reliever for the discomfort like Advil, Tylenol or Motrin. Your doctor may also prescribe a medication to relax the muscles in your ureter, helping pass the stone quicker and with less pain. What you want to do starting today is change your lifestyle if you want to avoid having kidney stones in the future,” Koulouris states.

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