Gottman Couples Therapy Method to Improve Relationship Satisfaction and Promote Better Communication

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Transitions in family life stages may cause some problems within the couples relationships. Hope Therapy Centers of Burbank and Santa Clarita can help client learn effective communication, relationship enhancement, and conflict resolution skills to help them navigate these stages and improve their relationship.

There are various stages throughout a couples life. The transition from dating to married, from newlyweds to new parents, raising children and teenagers to launching them to college, and so on. Undeniably, it can be very challenging to keep everything running smoothly in the relationship as well as keep the romance alive. Given that each partner comes from often differing backgrounds, experiences and understanding on relationships can add another variable to challenges. Many couples may find the various difficulties and problems overwhelming and relationship satisfaction declines.

Hope Therapy Center understands these challenges and have helped many couples improve their relationship and get things back on track. The therapists at Hope Therapy Center have been extensively training in the Gottman Couples Therapy Method, Gottman Parent Emotion Coaching, and Gottman Bringing Baby Home. The Gottman method has extensive research behind the techniques and has effective tools to help relationship disasters to become relationship masters.

Some benefits of therapy with Hope Therapy Center are improved communication skills, discovery of conflict triggers, enhanced understanding of each partner’s perspective, identifying and accomplishing goals and dreams, improved support, more satisfying emotional and physical intimacy, decreased emotional detachment, relationship resilience during life stage changes, and more.

Couples therapy at Hope Therapy Center can help clients have a better understanding of their partner’s internal world to help them both feel more connected and supported. Learning to stop damaging communication patterns such as criticism and defensiveness will reduce negativity in the relationship. Developing a renewed sense of the similarities and honoring the differences will aid in deeper emotional connection. Understanding values and preferences can help compromise to become a win-win rather than one wins and one loses.

Hope Therapy Center strives to provide the best therapy based on the Dr. John and Julie Gottman’s 40 years of research into what makes relationships work. The therapists are professional and experienced in implementing Gottman Therapy Methods so that couples experience growth and healing.

About Hope Therapy Center
Hope Therapy Center is owned and operated by Jennie Marie Battistin, MA, LMFT a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist in the State of California under license #80423. Jennie Marie has a passion for improving relationships. She has rigorously trained and sought out like-minded therapist to provide a positive and life enhancing therapeutic experience. Hope Therapy Center has been known as the trusted therapy center for Burbank and Sanata Clarita for effectively helping couples renew and improve their relationships.

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Name: Jennie Marie, LMFT
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Organization: Hope Therapy Center, Burbank & Santa Clarita
Address: 2211 W. Magnolia # 145 Burbank, CA 91506