Got Quiet Sleep Expands Range of Oral Devices Offered To Those Struggling With Sleep Apnea

Got Quiet Sleep has further extended their range of items used for treating sleep apnea to include specific niche devices using unique approaches to help keep airways open during sleep.

Snoring affects as many as two thirds of the population, of which a large proportion can create discomfort and disruption for their spouses and families, as well as sleep disturbances and poor quality of sleep for themselves. This is due to a condition called sleep apnea, for which there is no permanent solution, only treatment of symptoms. Got Quiet Sleep offers sleep apnea treatment in St Louis, the most advanced such treatment of its kind, and has just expanded their range of mandibular advancement devices (MAD), which contribute to keeping airways open during sleep time.

The new devices include the Suad Elite, Narvel and Somnodent, all of these devices are custom made with the goal of keeping the airway open during sleep. All are ideal for those for whom CPAP is not an option.

The products come with a full description, high quality imagery of the website’s treatment options page, which will help those both new to seeking treatment and those who have had bad experiences find a better way to get their snoring under control (, and enjoy a comfortable and rewarding night’s sleep.

A spokesperson for Got Quiet Sleep explained, “One of the newer ways we are treating patients suffering with severe sleep apnea is now by using combination therapy. Sometimes an oral appliance alone will not suffice for achieving the quality of sleep needed, in such cases combining both CPAP and an oral appliance has proven highly effective. By booking an appointment for a consultation, we can help people assess their needs and the severity of their condition, and see what solution will work best for them.”

About Got Quiet Sleep: Got Quiet Sleep is the online presence of the practice of Kevin F Postol D.D.S. They understand the challenges that poor sleep presents to patients, and create an atmosphere and treatment plan that takes care of patients from the moment they make an appointment until they experience consistent, refreshing sleep. They take pride in being one of the best trained teams in the country.

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