Got Legacy Provides the Tools People Need to Connect the Past with the Future

Got Legacy allows people to share what they learned, believed and how they want to be remembered in the future.

At this time, less than one percent of the population takes the time to preserve their legacy, leading to a loss of family heritage. Often, this comes as one doesn't know how to go about leaving a legacy and this is where Got Legacy comes in. "We are a full service legacy consulting company that specializes in helping others create legacy content that will preserve their most treasured memories using video and the Internet," John McCarty, the founder of Got Legacy, declares.

No one needs reminding that every unrecorded story runs the risk of being lost forever. The company was birthed out of this reality when the founder lost his last remaining grandparent. According to John, “Our stories are becoming extinct if we sit back and do nothing. My grandmother grew up in a day and time never to be repeated. I’d love to have those stories back so I could share them with my son but sadly that won’t happen because I thought there’d be more time.” Realizing he’d never hear his grandmothers stories again he imagined he wasn't alone and decided it didn't have to be that way and founded the company.

He spent the next several years learning that to be effective at capturing everyday hero’s stories he’d have to create a process that was fast, easy, affordable & fun. John says, “one of the biggest reasons people either never start or finish is because they feel a need to cover everything but the key to successfully creating a legacy is to keep the process moving and stick with the essentials.” After several years of tweaking John believes he’s found the secret recipe. Members of Got Legacy begin by answering basic questions such as family, occupation & favorites then they choose from a series of questions ranging from share your “Funniest or Most Embarrassing Moment” to deeper questions such as “If I only had 1 thing left to say”. Options also exist for members to add pictures, videos, other stories & comments from family & friends. The hardest part may be getting started but members find tremendous value knowing the memories, wisdom & stories they hold so dear have been preserved for their children and beyond.

The popularity of ancestry sites demonstrates the intense desire for many to know their origin and connect with their past, however, many subscribers are left unsatisfied with the lack of information. Boomers & elders now feel a sense of responsibility to pass their story on in their own words. Utilizing the services of Got Legacy, today’s generation can now leave a clear picture of the life they lived and share how they wish to be remembered. It removes the mystery of who you are, what you believed and what was most important to you. “No matter how much time changes everyone should take the time to record their story so future generations understand where they came from and how they got to where they are now,” John states.

About Got Legacy:
Got Legacy helps others preserve your memories, wisdom, values, beliefs, memories, videos and photos to be shared with those they love, with the help of video legacy services and the Internet. Got Legacy gathers stories, preserves memories and creates the legacy. Loved ones have free access to the pictures, videos and stories chosen by the client and may post short stories, photos and comment to the Guest Page to complete the legacy. Got Legacy helps ensure these treasures survive the passing of the loved ones so they can be cherished by friends, family members & generations to come.

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