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Clearpath Consulting Group, a leading health care consultant in Greensboro NC, offers a free white paper that provides expert answers to numerous annuity questions.

Allow a team of professionals to provide valuable information about annuities by requesting a complimentary white paper today. An annuity is a fixed sum of money periodically paid to an individual for an allotted amount of time. This insurance product can be a smart retirement strategy by paying out income every payment period and it can help increase savings. Learn how this is possible at or call Clearpath Consulting Group at (336) 448-3128 for more helpful information.

Types of Annuities:

• Fixed Annuity: For the extremely conservative investor, this type of annuity guarantees your principle will not lose money in the market and that there will be a modest growth during that phase. The rate could be between two to three percent.

• Variable Annuity: Just like the name, a variable annuity will go up and down based on your chosen market, such as the stock market. A person who chooses a variable annuity may believe it will be a bull market during the annuity contract years.

• Fixed Indexed Annuity: This annuity guarantees your principle is not lost – but your growth is not guaranteed. Growth depends on the market or index your annuity follows.

Advantage of Annuities:

• Long-Term Fixed Income Stream for Retirees

• Participation in the Market & Growth Potential

• Guaranteed Life Income

• Low-Risk Investments

• Tax-Deferred Interest

• Guaranteed Interest Rates

• Save Large Amount of Funds

Unlike 401(k)s and IRAs, there aren't annual contribution limits for annuities. This allows individuals to save more money for retirement, which is especially beneficial to those who got a late start with saving for retirement. Money invested compounds every year without accruing taxes. Keep every dollar that is invested, as opposed to taxable investments. Learn so much more about annuities by visiting Clearpath Consulting Group at

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