Gordon Cowie LA’s Number 1 Music Video Director, Offers Exclusive Discount to Indy Artists

Gordon Cowie, a renowned music video director, is supporting independent artists by offering them a 20% discount on music video packages until November 10th, 2013.

Music can stir the soul, and is one of the most effective means of triggering emotions and memories, as well as helping to create new unforgettable moments. Despite this, every great track needs a great music video to accompany it- the combination of the audio and visual media are a feast for the imagination and can often be remembered as fondly as the track alone. Gordon Cowie is LA’s most popular music video director, and he has created a special deal to support independent artists that will allow them to raise their profile on the world stage.

Gordon Cowie is the busiest LA music video director working today, and has just released the music video for the brand new single by Jae Crizz ft Ab-Soul, which is sure to set the RnB world alight with innovative visuals and narrative value not normally seen accompanying emerging artists, which lends them the credibility their music deserves.


This kind of work is Cowie’s passion, and as an LA Music video producer he has taken it upon himself to encourage more independent artists to take the leap into professional music videos so their brand can receive the recognition it deserves. He has slashed his prices by 20% until November 10th, 2013, until a major project will take over his time through December.

A spokesperson for Gordon Cowie explained, “Gordon is an independent film maker and therefore values the independent scene a lot more than the cut-throat but lucrative world of commercial film that he has often been called up for. His passion for independent music and musicians has seen him cut a fifth of his price tag to make it possible for more talented artists to get the stunning visuals that could see them create a worldwide profile for themselves and tell a true story about themselves as an artist through a visual medium designed to accompany their sound.”

About Gordon Cowie:
The Canadian music video director and editor is currently based in Los Angeles, serving California and Phoenix, Arizona. Gordon Cowie is one of the best music video directors in the world, while remaining affordable to the independent artist. His work includes videos for artists including Jae Crizz and commercial work with Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals

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Organization: Gordon Cowie Films
Phone: 480-202-4768
Website: http://www.gordoncowie.com/

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