GoPBN Launches A New App Improving Private Blog Network Hosting

Create a modern Private Blog Network with GoPBN's Revolutionary PBN Hosting Platform. Beta Release announced today.

Private Blog Networks (aka PBN) are some of the oldest, tried and true methods for ranking websites. However, not all SEOs use PBNs these days, and the reason has more to do with the challenges of building a PBN, than the lack of benefits, because there are plenty.

GoPBN aims to close the gap in SEO Knowledge and Server Technology when it comes to hosting PBNs.

The GoPBN app will be able to deploy a PBN in multiple locations worldwide, and assuring a wide range of different footprint checks and balances to ensure that a PBN stays off the Google Radar for delisting.

“In the old days, SEOs would need to spend countless hours setting up a Private Blog Network.” Says Udit Goenka, Co-Founder and CEO at GoPBN. He continued by stating:

“After someone had grown their PBN to a certain extent they would move on to hiring a Virtual Assistant and use multiple Google Sheets to keep up with all the logins, and important data. Today, a modern SEO can literally go to our website, and after a few clicks, in a matter of minutes, have a PBN hosted worldwide with multiple different CMS installed automatically. They don’t even have to worry about server side footprints. This is the technology and SEO expertise that sets us apart.”

The ease of use is a welcomed wind of change in the highly competitive and equally as profitable world of SEO. But the innovation doesn’t stop there for the team at GoPBN, according to Udit Goenka:

“We are only releasing the beta now, but within a few weeks, and the coming months, you will see some exciting new features, all about SEO. Get ready for advanced analytics, proprietary algorithm checkpoints, and much, much more. GoPBN will be the only way for SEOs to host their websites, regardless of the PBN factor, which is in and of itself a huge incentive.”

This is certainly an exciting time for the entire team at GoPBN, and the SEO community in general. As the search engine’s algorithm complexity gets harder and harder to crack, the move to make a proven ranking method accessible to all SEO is definitely something everyone can smile about.

Contact Info:
Name: Udit Goenka
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Organization: GoPBN
Address: 6130 W. Flamingo Road #856, Las Vegas, Nevada USA 89103
Phone: +1 844-687-4678

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