Google puts $50 million in but REIs Have Even Better Options

Google Capital’s recent $50 million investment in speaks volumes about the real estate marketplace giant, but savvy investors know there are many other ways to acquire property and connect with buyers.

Some major players have become strategic shareholders in real estate marketplace giant, and Google Capital is one of them.

At $50 million, Google's investment, announced March 5, 2014, has joined those of Starwood Property Trust, a leading CMBS servicer, and Stone Point Capital. has recently enjoyed in influx of investments from major firms; some say it will make real estate buying and selling more efficient for investors- particularly those who have extensive portfolios of multifamily or small to midsize commercial assets.

Google Capital's investment, according to some real estate pros, will also give both Google and access to vast amounts of real estate data, which will benefit both companies.

“ has quietly built one of the largest marketplaces on the web,” says David Lawee, partner at Google Capital. “We think can fundamentally change how real estate, and particularly commercial real estate, can be bought and sold, leveling the playing field for smaller investors.”

That may be true, but many say that real estate investors already have a number of other options for taking advantage of cutting edge data.

Kent Clothier, real estate investment expert and CEO of Real Estate World Wide (REWW), has produced a number of terrific options for real estate investors to acquire the data they need to buy and sell property efficiently and easily.

“Big data is not just for big companies, and, while a terrific option for many, can also be incredibly competitive and really doesn't give the edge that most investors need to succeed”, says Clothier.

REWW has produced a number of cutting edge data systems to help real estate investors get ahead in an incredibly cutthroat industry. Find Motivated Sellers Now (FMSN) is one such System. Find Cash Buyers Now is another.

“Between these two systems,” said Clothier “a real estate investor has just about everything he needs to buy and sell real estate quickly and efficiently, without competing against hundreds of others in an auction,” FMSN gives access to vacant, high equity or free and clear properties before anyone else even knows they exist. That, says Clothier, “is a huge advantage”

Real estate investors who wan to know more can watch this video now.

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