Google Look Into Partnering with the Small-Cap Cryptocurrency Project, YFIVE FINANCE

YFIVE Finance is a promising Defi platform that is paving a new way for investing, trading and innovation in blockchain.

DeFi is the new wave that is sweeping through the crypto world, and the latest platform to hit the news is YFIVE Finance. Earlier this year, the rapid rise of another platform called had taken everyone by surprise, when it went from under $750 to more than $39,000 in just a few months. YFIVE Finance has several things in common, both being new, part of the DeFi wave and having a very limited token supply.

For now, all eyes are on YFIVE Finance after showed interest in partnering. According to a Google insider, “Google isn’t new to crypto. We already have solid relationships in this space. Right now, we are looking into a small-cap project called YFIVE to see if there is potential for a partnership. The Defi space has a lot of room to grow, and sometimes it is better to partner with a project that you could help mold a bit.”

A project by the people and for the people with voting mechanisms, YFIVE Finance promises to be a game changer that does not need an OTC, private or pre-sale, thanks to the Uniswap platform. It’s a new form of governance system, and comprises a think tank for innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. The result is a utility approach to the blockchain industry’s growth.
When asked to provide more information, the insider’s response was, “I can’t give too many details, but if everything goes right, we can create something massive.”

The significance of this news is enormous, given the current small stature of YFIVE. There are only 33,000 coins in circulation. This means intense competition to get in, and be the one to hold these prized tokens. Current investors however may not be willing to sell.

When asked if there was anything else that could be shared, the Google insider said, “We will know about the partnership by the end of September. That’s all I can say for now.”

Currently YFIVE can only be obtained through a company called Uniswap by using Ethereum, and through a cryptocurrency exchange called HotBit.
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