Goodbye Traditional Tarp and Hello Infinity Tarp: The Tarp Grows as Large as You Need It

Smart KaKoon launches the Infinity Tarp and J-Link, which allow you to completely enclose anything inside a sealed tarp, keeping it dry and clean in transport, and securing it from within and without. Also, the Infinity Tarp grows as large as you need it.

The Tarp has been around for generations. Whether for military, industrial and commercial or personal use, it has been replete with the same numerous complaints. The tarp cannot completely enclose it’s cargo, preventing it from becoming wet, grimy, sooty or dirty, and had limited protection against road debris. Moreover, the grommet is an unsecure liability that has failed many, making a tarp useless and annoying, while also a safety hazard.

The Infinity Tarp is designed with a unique zipper system that not only encloses any cargo inside, the system is protected so it does not open or fail. This same zipper system, allows you to connect as many infinity Tarps together, forming a tarp that can cover a football field, all with no holes, grommets or anything that would allow water or dirt to pass through.

To complement the Infinity Tarp is J-Link™. The J-Link is a new technology in securement that allows one to secure the cargo inside the Infinity Tarp (or any tarp) to the trailer outside the tarp, to ensure it’s tied down firmly to avoid damage to the contents and provide a safe transporting environment.

Marc Poehner, CEO, Chief Engineer and Head of Research and Development, and the inventor of the Infinity Tarp and J-Link, says, “I needed a solution to move my family and there was nothing on the market that made sense. The tarp was inefficient, since it did not protect my cargo well. And, if I did manage to enclose it all, I couldn’t tie it down securely enough to feel safe traveling at 70 MPH. So, I decided to create something that would. The plus is that when I get to my destination, I can store my belongings outside, inside the Infinity Tarp, and not worry it will be damaged by the elements.”

The storage industry is valued at $38 billion with an annual growth of 7.7% since 2012. Add to this the Powersport and motorcycle industries experiencing robust growth and enthusiasts looking for viable solutions to protect their investments, the Infinity Tarp and J-Link expect to feed a sizeable and growing market.

“We have several other products, The Smart KaKoon™, to name one, and many others are coming to fit military specifications, industrial and commercial, and of course, the average person like me,” says Marc Poehner.

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