Good Sex Can End Your Marriage A New Study From Florida State University

A new study from FSU seems to contradict many widely-held beliefs over the root cause of marital infidelity.

Recent research from the Florida State University indicates that many preconceived beliefs about marital infidelity may have been wide of the mark. Many cheating partners have blamed the lacklustre nature of marital relationships as the impetus for their adulterous activities. The study from Florida University, however, suggests paradoxically that partners who enjoy sex within their marriages are more likely to seek out liaisons with more partners. The survey report says ‘Sexual satisfaction was surprisingly positively associated with infidelity. The authors said satisfaction with sex was separate to being happy with the relationship in general. Overall satisfaction with their marriage made people less likely to have affairs. The report published in the journal of Personality and Social Psychology has raised eyebrows in various sources.

Jennifer Lewis a spokesperson for the leading affairs website said that lack of physical satisfaction in a marriage is still cited as the leading cause of men having an illicit affair. Marriage counsellors point to the insidious influence of social media presenting an increased availability of alternative partners and want more research funds to go into studying how people avoid these temptations.

Wherever the truth may lie it is certain that 21st Century marriages face a tumultuous attack from many sources both online and in our everyday life. Whether or not academic research can help point the way remains to be seen.

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