Good Guys Gardening Announces the Launch of Their Online Hydroponics Store

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Hydroponics allows one to produce ten times the yield of traditional gardening in the same size space, reports

Good Guys Gardening, known in parts of Canada for their indoor gardening supplies, announces the launch of their online hydroponics store. The online store provides consumers throughout Canada the opportunity to shop the store using their computer. Good Guys Gardening strives to assist consumers who wish to increase their yields without spending a great deal of money to do so, and the site offers an additional way for the company to achieve this goal.

"Consumers worried about the rising cost of food need to look into hydroponics, an effective way to grow one's own products for personal consumption. This technique differs from what many refer to as hydroponics, as all items are grown in water. Many now consider any food grown without soil, including those grown in gravel, peat, or foam, to be hydroponics, yet this isn't the case. Only those grown in water culture truly fall into this category," Roy Buxbaum, spokesperson for Good Guys Gardening, explains.

Although many believe hydroponics to be a new way to garden, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada explains this practice of growing plants in water actually dates back to the ancient city of Babylon, or so many believe. The hanging gardens of Babylon exemplify this growing method and were named one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Those interested in learning more about this growing method and those who wish to purchase hydroponic supplies canada frequently turn to Good Guys Gardening for help.

"Hydroponics continues to be the perfect choice for many, as it is so successful. Good Guys Gardening understands, however, that water culture isn't the right choice for everyone. Therefore, the company offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of all consumers, including growing mediums such as Gro-Wool. One needs more time gardening and less time searching for the products needed to ensure they have a bountiful crop. Good Guys Gardening works to ensure this is the case for all," Buxbaum continues.

According to Android World, hydroponics produces ten times the yield of one crop grown in a field in a one year time period. In fact, the Agri-Systems division of Whittaker Corporation managed to grow 100 times the yield of lettuce that would normally be found in a field. Instead of growing 30,000 heads of lettuce per acre in a field at their facility, they produced 3.2 million heads of lettuce per acre. In fact, many believe hydroponics could be the solution to the world's food shortage issue.

"Imagine growing enough food to feed a family in a very small space in one's yard. With the help of hydroponics, this dream becomes a reality. Consumers love knowing how and where their food was grown, what products were used on it, and more. With commercially obtained food, this information isn't readily available. Growing one's own food eliminates this concern, and the food tastes better too," Buxbaum proclaims.

About Good Guys Gardening:

Good Guys Gardening strives to provide the products clients need to maximize their yields without doing serious harm to their budget. As the gardening supply market continuously changes, Good Guys Gardening regularly updates the product line to keep up with these advances. Customers find they receive the best customer service, 100 percent secure shopping, and competitive prices when purchasing from this company, now online to better serve the needs of consumers everywhere.Good Guys Gardening ships to consumers in Canada, the United States, and around the globe.

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