Good Gaming Vaults into the Forefront of the eSPORTS Marketplace

Chicago, IL / March 5, 2014 / CMG Holdings, Inc., (OTCBB- CMGO) a burgeoning national firm with leading edge companies in high-tech arenas, announces the birth of its new wholly-owned subsidiary, Good Gaming Inc.


Jeff Devlin, CEO of CMG Holdings, Inc, said, "We proudly announce the acquisition of Good and warmly welcome them to our portfolio of companies. We are growing exponentially, and actively seeking additional acquisitions in media related, experiential, and e-sports arenas. This bold, new entry into the huge online video gaming space will provide a high-tech platform for casual and amateur video gamers to quickly evolve to pro status."

Good Gaming Inc. is designed to engage the surging 500 million+ active gamers worldwide as the premiere eSports content provider for the active casual gamer all the way through the professionals.

Now publishers and game developers have a vehicle to create exclusive eSports content for their target audience. So those who live for the latest game releases such as Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Star Craft 2, Battlefield and Halo will find this a superb training ground and pathway to enhance their gaming skills.

These eSports tools will help serious gamers bridge the gap between casual gaming and the highly coveted, professionally paid eSports athletes. It features quality video content, written guides, enhanced forums and other learning media by veteran players.

Expanding on the impact Good Gaming will have on the industry, Chief Gamer Sam Schweiters explains, "We will offer social networking avenues for organized gaming associations (teams, guilds, clans,leagues) to create, form, support, groups of top level players to capture prizes and notoriety in the virtual community in a more predictable way and provide a platform for publishers and game developers to create exclusive eSports content for their target audience. Our entry will create a more robust and satisfying competitive game experience by introducing a proprietary matchmaking system for top level gamers beyond the current simple linear ranking system. We will also offer innovative tournaments and other organized competitions across multiple gaming platforms and multiple gaming consoles worldwide."

Devlin foresees that "There is big money to be made in the video gaming arena and Good Gaming is perfectly positioned to help players excel. The firm will derive its revenue mainly from tiered membership, pay-to-play, merchandising, partnership, and advertising revenue. Good Gaming Inc., with a .42% (.0042) conversion of the producible target market, expects to have after the first full year of operation approximately 300k+ convertible members with basic individual membership dues in the $4-$20 range per month on average and organized team membership dues in the $75-$250 range per month on average."

Ron Burkhardt, Executive Chairman of XA, The Experiential Agency, also wholly owned by CMG Holdings, whose firm will be launching the branding campaign for Good Gaming, notes that "This high-powered entry is poised to capture a significant portion of this dynamic online industry while creating new levels of top talent through advanced training methods. We plan a spring launch with strong branding support in all media forms, focused primarily on experiential, digital networks and social media activations."

Good Gaming Inc. expects to capture in its first full year from all sources of revenue between $2.0 and $3.5 million. In its second full year of operation, Good Gaming Inc. expects to capture from all sources of revenue between $5.0 and $8.0 million and in its third full year of operation, Good Gaming Inc. expects to capture from all sources of revenue over $20 million.

Forward looking statements:
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