Gone Loca: The Women's Swimwear Brand Infusing Latin Energy and Inclusivity into Swimwear

The Latin-inspired pieces deliver comfort, confidence, and cost-efficiency for all.

Gone Loca, a vibrant women's swimwear brand, is revolutionizing the industry with its Latin-inspired designs and commitment to quality, inclusivity, and sustainability. Created to empower women and make the world a more fun and beautiful place, Gone Loca offers a range of stunning swimwear that caters to diverse body types and preferences.

Exciting Swimwear For Women Of All shapes & Sizes

Drawing inspiration from the energy of Latin America, Gone Loca sets itself apart with its modern and innovative design aesthetic, featuring clean lines and trending colors. Crafted from the highest quality Lycra, each bikini is handmade to ensure that customers look and feel amazing, both in and out of the water.

Gone Loca is proud to offer an inclusive size range from XS to 3XL, covering the majority of women's sizes. For those in need of a custom size, the brand encourages customers to reach out directly for a personalized swimwear solution.

Since launching last year, Gone Loca swimwear has established itself as a brand known for its ethos of “quality you can trust, beauty you will admire”. The beautiful swimwear pieces combine elegance and style with comfort and durability to create playful swimsuits that will last. 

The Gone Loca collection includes a variety of one-piece, cutouts, and chic bikinis. Meanwhile, a range of colors including whites, purples, pinks, oranges, and reds allows women to make a splash with the unmistakable energy of Latin-infused swimwear regardless of their personal tastes. Many of the products are already available in sizes from XXS up to 3XL while the retailer will eventually extend this to all swimwear, ensuring that there is something for women of all shapes and sizes.

While the carefully crafted pieces do take heavy inspiration from Latin styles, the designs stand out from anything else on the market to ensure that the wearer gains attention for all the right reasons. Every piece is meticulously tested for quality, ensuring that the beautiful appearances are supported by comfortable fits that enhance natural body shapes and self-confidence levels.

The signature styles are sophisticated, sexy, and suited to the vibrance of Latin America. For fabulously fun statement swimwear, the brand has established its place as one of the premier choices at an affordable price on the market. Moreover, the Canadian company offers worldwide delivery. 

Whether worn on the beach or by the pool, Gone Loca’s Latin-inspired swimwear will become the favorite piece in any women’s collection of vacation outfits. 

About Gone Loca

The name "Gone Loca" is inspired by Steve Jobs' famous quote, "Here's to the crazy ones," representing the brand's mission to encourage women to dream big, be bold, and embrace their true selves. In line with this mission, Gone Loca is committed to sustainability, manufacturing all products in-house in Colombia and researching the use of Pinatex, a pineapple-based fabric, for future swimwear lines.

Customers can experience the fun, beauty, and quality of Gone Loca swimwear by visiting www.goneloca.com and following the brand on @bikinisgoneloca for the latest updates and promotions.

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