Golfers Elbow Pain Cream Restocked After Popular Demand

Universal Body Labs’ Golfers Elbow pain cream, RejuvaFlex, has been restocked after popular demand. The company says its golfers elbow pain treatment is clinically proven and fast-acting.

Golfers elbow pain cream from Universal Body Labs is back in stock, both online and in local stores. The product was out of stock after it sold-out completely last month, due to overwhelming demand from customers. Customers can now access the brand’s popular RejuvaFlex pain cream, which has been formulated to help alleviate chronic pain.

“Does it hurt just to swing your club? Imagine if you could wave a magic wand and your golfers elbow pain was gone in seconds. Our researchers say this is now possible. That’s because we have stumbled upon a natural painkilling compound that works so fast – it’s nothing short of amazing and we can guarantee our customers nothing but instant results,” says Raymond Vegors, a senior spokesperson for Universal Body Labs.

The brand says that RejuvaFlex contains cannabidiol oil, DMSO and 18 essential oils. All these ingredients work together to fight muscle and joint pain as well as chronic pain. Cannabidiol oil in the cream acts as a natural inflammation fighter, and it is added to relieve irritation in the affected areas. It is the main component in the cream and acts solely by reducing soreness and eliminating pain.

“We have successfully put this blockbuster compound in a new natural pain relief ‘roll-on’ called RejuvaFlex. So far, customer response has been overwhelming, and this product is proving quite effective for those needing pain relief. We are happy to restock our product back on shelves for our customers and anyone who would love to try out a pain cream that actually works,” continued Vegors.

Other pain-relieving creams sit on the surface of the skin and only curb the pain momentarily, says the company. RejuvaFlex for golfers elbow penetrates deep into the skin surface and tissues after application. It is fast-acting, eliminating pain almost instantly, and the company claims it is clinically proven to eradicate any twinge resulting from muscle or soft tissue injury during sports.

For easy application, Vegors states the RejuvaFlex cream is now available in a roll-on bottle. The cream is absorbed into the skin readily and does not leave any residue or smell apart from a menthol-smell that lasts for a short time.

Those interested in finding out more information about RejuvaFlex for golfers elbow from Universal Body Labs should visit its official website.




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