Golf Industry Leader J.R. Mats Announces Expanded International Shipping Options

Peerless practice mats now available to golfers in more countries than ever.

J.R. Mats Inc. announced expanded availability of its flagship Country Club Elite golf mats. Thanks to improved agreements with international shippers, golfers in more countries than ever can enjoy the game-enhancing construction of the company's practice mats. As the most natural-feeling golf mats on the market, the company's products have developed strong worldwide followings among amateur and professional golfers.

"We have a uniquely attractive product in our Real Feel Golf Mats," representative Jay McGrath said, "and we're always looking for ways to get them into more golfers' practice areas. Our new shipping arrangements will allow us to expand our reach even further around the world." Traditional golf practice mats are based on AstroTurf or similar types of artificial grass, most of which are designed for general-purpose use. The hard, stiff surfaces of these mats differs greatly from the natural grass and earth found on golf courses, potentially producing bad habits in golfers who practice on them excessively. The lack of give in these mats can even result in injuries over time, so that many golf professionals and sports medicine experts recommend against all but the lightest use of them.

The Real Feel Golf Mats designed and sold by J.R. Mats Inc., on the other hand, are built from the ground up to enable safe, natural practice where real grass is not practical. The mats make use of networks of densely packed fibers, exclusive to the company's product, which do an excellent job of replicating the feel of natural grass and earth. Golfers who practice on the company's mats can therefore swing down and through the ball in a way that would produce the divot characteristic of a good swing on a golf course. This ensures that practice will reinforce good habits, instead of leading to bad ones as usage of other practice mats can. The dense mats also allow for the use of wooden tees, instead of the integrated rubber tees used in most other mats which are never otherwise seen in the sport. In addition, the yielding nature of the company's mats prevents the shocks and jolts that can lead to injury with other products.

"Since they have gone on the market, our products have led a quiet sort of revolution when it comes to golf practice," McGrath continued, "and more golfers than ever can benefit from productive, healthy practice even when natural grass is not available. Our new international shipping arrangements are going to further that kind of much-needed progress." J.R. Mats Inc.'s products are available from the company's website, where it also hosts golf mat reviews of its own and others' offerings. Those wishing to take advantage of the newly enabled opportunities for international shipping may do so by submitting inquiries through the site.

About J.R. Mats Inc.:
Founded in response to the unsatisfying nature of the golf practice mats available on the market at the time, J.R. Mats now produces the most natural-feeling and effective products of that sort. Its Real Feel Golf Mats offer an unparalleled experience and are available for shipment to much of the world through the company's website.

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