Gold Jewelry Cleaner Takes the Pain Out of Jewelry Maintenance, Says Brand

BrightDiamonds' Jewelry Cleaner Polish Powder is now making it easy and cost-effective for users to maintain their precious jewelry at home. This gold jewelry cleaner requires no machine or brush and takes less than 10 minutes of cleaning time.

BrightDiamonds is pleased to reveal that its new Jewelry Cleaner Polish Powder is now making rapid inroads into the market. The company reports that its diamond, platinum, non-treated gem, and gold jewelry cleaner has been well-received by Amazon shoppers. Unlike most jewelry cleaners, this product functions without any expensive machines or abrasive brushes.

According to the brand, ultrasonic machines for jewelry cleaning are common. However, they are expensive and involve using chemicals in aqueous media and ultrasound waves to remove foreign particles and contaminants like oil, dirt, etc. Unfortunately, the vibrations and heat created during this process can cause significant damage to precious stones as well as metals. On the other hand, jewelry polishing cloths and brushes are prone to creating scratch marks on gemstones.

“Our platinum jewelry cleaner introduces a paradigm shift in the way people clean their expensive jewelry. This cleaning solution can be prepared by mixing a powder with boiling water,” said a spokesperson for BrightDiamonds. “The cleaning process just requires keeping the jewelry dipped in the solution for a few minutes and rinsing it in cold water. The product can penetrate deep into tiny jewelry parts that can’t be seen with the naked eye.”

“I wish I took before and after photos of the jewelry I cleaned with this product, I was a little bit skeptical, but the results were amazing. It’s so easy with the six short steps. No need for a basket, brush, and polishing cloth that could harm my expensive jewelry. After 10 minutes, all the jewelry I put in the pot were so clean and looked like new,” mentioned an impressed user. “My wedding ring has a center diamond, so I needed a gentle product to clean it. It cleaned up well and the gold band, side diamonds, and diamond look shiny, clean, and brand new. I also cleaned my diamond earrings that weren’t cleaned for the past two years, and they look shiny and brand new. I’m so happy with the ease of this product and, most importantly, with the results.”

Those interested in finding more information about BrightDiamonds’ professional jewelry cleaner should visit the company’s official website or Amazon storefront.


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