Gold Coast Pest Control Launches Site for Pest Elimination Services

New service offers residents of the Gold Coast area pre-vetted services for safe, odor-free elimination of pests such as insects or rodents.

Gold Coast Pest Control announced the launch of its business today, offering residents of the Gold Coast area pre-vetted services for safe, odor-free elimination of pests such as insects or rodents. The company directs customers to reliable pest control, termite treatment, building and pest inspections and more. Their approach utilizes environmentally safe chemicals. Gold Coast Pest Control guarantees that their services will eliminate pests for up to 12 months or they will refund the customer.

“There are a lot of pest control providers on the Gold Coast,” said a spokesperson for the company. “To save you the hassle of evaluating them, we’ve done it for you and picked the best.” The company works with Amalgamated, Rentokil, Spinifex and others. The company’s website,, details their offerings.

Gold Coast Pest Control also provides useful building and pest inspection information for property owners. For example, their website tells readers that there are six ways to identify if they need pest control. Problems that deserve attention include seeing dead bugs inside a house and finding droppings indoors. Other signs of infestation are evidence of nest building, strange sounds and smells, gnaw marks and sagging floors from termites.

The company recommends – and implements – a complete pest control program. This approach enables the property owner to avoid costly infestations and the use of harmful chemicals in the future. For example, to avoid termite damage, it’s best to prevent them from entering the property in the first place. Their programs help prevent, monitor and control any unwanted critters that might decide to call a property home. Integrated pest management programs involve five steps:

1. Monitoring phase – Carrying out regular inspections to check whether there is an infestation and how many pests have gotten into the building
2. Note taking phase – Establishing records in order to see the patterns, trends, and habits of the pests.
3. Pest control phase – Taking action against the pest population.
4. Prevention phase - Preventing further pest outbreaks are carried out so the problem doesn’t recur.
5. Evaluation phase – Reviewing the whole procedure of pest management to establish the success of the program.

Gold Coast Pest Control is open from 07:00 – 19:00 (AEST) Monday – Friday

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