GoGlass Goes Next Generation with Borosilicate Glass Drinking Bottles Naturally BPA free

GoGlass 24oz Terra Borosilicate Glass Water Bottles are the ultimate alternative to plastic.

Many consumers end up tossing out hundreds of drinking bottles a year. There is a better solution, which is using reusable bottles.

GoGlass has single-handedly eliminated all the problems with drinking bottles by constructing their travel water bottles from borosilicate glass, the same used to make Pyrex ware and test tubes. Borosilicate glass naturally contains zero BPA, BPS, or PVC. It leaves no metallic or plastic aftertaste, which is why most people prefer drinking from glass anyway. Most importantly, borosilicate glass cylinders stands up to extreme temperatures, and is shatter and impact resistant.

GoGlass’ Terra Borosilicate glass water bottles come in 24 ounce, are modern looking with a strong removable silicone sleeve for slip resistance and ease of cleaning. The metal top and metal mesh wrist loop completes GoGlass’ commitment to the environment with a 100% zero plastic drinking water bottle which also reduces the number of petroleum based products on store shelves.

GoGlass’ customers are pleased with one woman saying that the 24 ounce borosilicate bottle is, “my favorite drinking bottle yet”. Another new customer recently wrote, “I really love this bottle, I was impressed with the quality when I first opened the package! The silicone sleeve is nice and it’s thicker at the bottom offering a lot of protection…it seems very sturdy”.

GoGlass’ 24oz Terra Water bottles can be purchased at https://www.amazon.com/GoGlass-Borosilicate-Silicone-Drinking-Reusable/dp/B01DVDGYNO. For more information about GoGlass products visit goglassnow.com.

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