GoFreshWater Launches Latest Portable Water Purifier in Response to Surging Dangers

Personal filtration systems are crucial to ensuring adequate supplies of drinkable water regardless of location, publishes gofreshwater.com.

As the popularity of outdoor exploration continues to swell, the number of hikers becoming lost during their treks is also on the rise. In many cases, jaunts intended to last no more than a couple hours end up stretching on for significantly longer periods. Though the majority of hikers bring bottled water along with them, caches considered appropriate for their planned expeditions may be insufficient should the situation take a turn for the worse. In light of the growing likelihood of such a scenario, John Smeaton of GoFreshWater has launched the company's latest portable water purifier.

Confirmed Smeaton, "When you're camping or hiking, a personal water purification filter can be a life saver in the most literal sense of the term. Typically, the human body can only survive three days without water. Though streams and other freshwater sources may look pristine, hundreds of unseen pathogens and harmful organisms may be lurking in them. Our Go-Bottle is the best portable water filter bottle available and is capable of eliminating 99.9999 percent of bacteria, 99.99 percent of viruses and chemical contaminants potentially present."

According to the GoFreshWater website, the company's portable water purification system has received both the Certificate of Water Quality Association Gold Seal and Approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The Travel water bottle is capable of effectively filtering water for up to 200 days of continual use. Water being drawn through the company's activated carbon system is immediately safe for consumption and meets international safety specifications.

The Go-Bottle is designed to be light weight and fit comfortably in the hand as well as bike-mounted drink holders. Products from the company are manufactured without environmentally harmful BPA's. Smeaton noted filters and bottles are rigorously tested and are accompanied by a one-year warranty covering defective materials and craftsmanship faults. These additionally come with a guaranteed shelf life of ten years or more without use.

Concluded Smeaton, "Due to the Go-Bottle's size and minimal weight, it can easily be thrown into a backpack without holding back hikers and campers. It is used in the same manner as any sports bottle and costs less than two cents per litre of water filtered. This is much less expensive than relying on bottled water, which is also potentially unsafe in its own right. Our systems help ensure customers have a clean, safe, unlimited supply of water regardless of where they may be."

About GoFreshWater:

An Australian owned private company, GoFreshWater brings more than 20 years of experience to the water filtration industry. Their staff is dedicated to providing the most advanced and highest quality portable filtration systems on the market.

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